Pawhut Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run Nesting Box

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Key Features

  • Chicken Coop, Nesting Box, and Backyard Run all in one
  • Great for rabbits, chickens, ducks, and other poultry
  • Large 2 section nesting box for food/water and egg access 
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If you want to provide the best possible care for your chickens, a durable coop is critical.
This coop is well designed with one Living House, a three section Nesting Box and a safety Backyard Run. It can be wide opened to be a "fresh air school", and closed to make a controlled-environment coop.The wood surface is coated with a water-based preservative leaving a golden brown finish. It is strong and durable, and will be a complement to any home or garden.



The shed roof can be opened for easy access to refill food & water

Comes with easily cleanable poop tray that slides in and out


  • It is great for chickens, geese, ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits and other poultry
  • Chicken Coop, Nesting Box, and Run Backyard, all in one
  • Made of fully treated and grooved wood.
  • Easily portable that allows you to move the coop throughout your landscape
  • Heavy duty galvanized wire helps keep your animals in and predators out
  • Green asphalt composite material waterproof roof
  • Comes with easily cleanable poop tray that slides in and out
  • The Nesting box can be easy opened for easy extract eggs
  • The shed roof can be opened for easy access to refill food & water
  • Outer area provides animals with room to roam
  • Sliding access door with a ramp for your chickens to get in and out
  • The door can be locked both in the front of living house and backyard
  • Wire mesh offers good ventilation 
  • Includes all necessary parts but assembly is required 
  • Holds up to 3 - 5 egg laying chickens (depends on breed / size, customers responsibility to determine if available space is adequate to the individual needs)
  • Note: This chicken coop is built to be weather-resistant for general use; please be aware that additional weatherization may be needed depending on your climate conditions



64.2" (L) × 42.5" (W) × 40" (H)

Nesting Box Size

34" (W) × 14" (D) × 16" (H)

Backyard Run Size 27" (L) × 28" (W) × 39.8" (H)
Lamp Length


Wood thickness

10 MM


Fir construction, Solid wood

Item No. D3-0002
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