Soozier 48" Speed Resistance Running Training Parachute

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Our running chute combines resistance and overspeed running during the run - the two key elements of speed training. It provides the optimal resistance to slow the runner down and build strength, stamina, and endurance. After training with the chute, your top end speed, running speed, stride length and acceleration will all improve. 
The built-in mesh panels of this speed resistance training chute keep the strings from tangling and also help stabilize the chute during workouts. The quick-release belt enables you to train with acceleration bursts. This running chute has an adjustable belt that fits almost all athletes. 




Quick Release Strap


Easily folds down to fit in the included carry bag 

  • Fully functional unit includes chute and belt with velcro closure
  • Velcro Quick Release for overspeed training
  • Adjustable- waist sizes 20-42 inches
  • Quick Release Strap provides easy release into overspeed
  • Top Quality Materials: Light but strong
  •  Mesh panels keep the strings from tangling 
  • The panels provide stability to reduce shifting
  • Increase training excitement and motivation because you can feel yourself improving and running faster
  • Versatility- Can be used with sports skills building drills (football etc.) or drills involving change of direction and speed
  • Easily folds down to fit in the included carry bag 


Diameter 48"
Item No. B1-0031

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