Outsunny 4-tier Mini Portable Greenhouse / Hot House

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Our 4-Tier Greenhouse is lightweight and easy to assemble. This 4 tier Greenhouse is the perfect greenhouse for the gardener with no more room.  It has a small footprint, but a plenty of room to sprout your seeds or extend your growing season. 
Setup is quick and easy, and the unit is light enough to move but sturdy enough to standup to the elements. Seedlings, flowers, even food can all be grown in this low cost greenhouse. Now it's easy to get an early start on the growing season or extend it into fall with this 4 Tier Greenhouse.



Zippered door for easy access 

Sturdy construction


  • Protects your plants from harsh weather conditions 
  • 4-Tier Greenhouse
  • Extend your growing season 
  • Zippered door for easy access 
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to setup, use and store 


 Overall Dimensions

27” wide x 19” deep x 62 1/4" high (at peak) 

Ground Clearance

2 5/8” 

Door 19” wide x 54” high 
Tier Dimensions

24 3/8” wide x 17 1/4" deep 

Tier height 13 1/2" (top tier 19” at peak)
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