Aosom Type 'A' Bike Trailer Universal Hitch Coupler

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Key Features

  • Use with certain models of Aosom brand trailers only, we cannot guarantee functionality with other brands!
  • This hitch is a great item to have to make switching your bike trailer among various bicycles quick and easy!
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The Aosom Universal Hitch Coupler makes quick easy work of switching your bike trailer between various bicycles. Bike hitch which allows you to connect your bike trailer to your bike. Get an extra one to ease the switching of the pulling bicyclist.



Simply attach the coupler to your rear bike wheel



  • Use with Aosom Trailers and other similar looking bike trailers(Except B4-0005/B4-0006/B4-0007/B4-0008/61-0001/61-0002)
  • Before purchasing please confirm that your hitch looks similar
  • Simply attach the coupler to your rear bike wheel
  • Please note: This coupler is designed to fit AOSOM trailers ; we cannot guarantee that it will fit any other brand
    This coupler fits the following Aosom bike trailers:
  • 5663-0062 Pet Trailer
  • 5663-1289 Pet Trailer
  • 5663-1290 Pet Trailer
  • 5663-1291 Pet Trailer
  • 5664-0005Y Cargo Trailer
  • 5664-0005R Cargo Trailer
  • 5664-0034 Child Trailer
  • 5664-0036 Child Trailer
  • 5664-0079 Child Trailer
  • 5664-0101 Child Trailer


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Item No. 5664-0001CN


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