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A Chair for Relaxing

A recliner is an invaluable addition to almost any seating arrangement. Aosom carries an exciting selection of different types and styles for you to choose from. When selecting which recliner will work for you, you will want to weigh the benefits of different kinds upholstery, size, and styles. Pretty much all recliners share the ability to swivel around 360 degrees on a base, can lean back or “recline”, and have some sort of leg rest or ottoman. These types of chairs fit well in living rooms, family rooms, dens, entertainment rooms, or pretty much any area ( the kitchen might be taking it too far, but you can always try it and see) you want to relax in. They are perfect for taking a nap, reading your favorite book, engaging in a fun video game, or visiting with people you care about. Taking self-care and making time for rest is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and we would advocate that a recliner is a perfect spot to achieve this.


What kind of size recliner would you like? Sometimes a big puffy seat you can sink into is exactly what you want. If you want to buddy up to someone, a double recliner or even triple, is a perfect option for that. For an option a little more petite, sleek and slim, many smaller recliners come with an ottoman, which is a great to be more flexible with your space and makes the chair lighter and more portable.


Power recliners that recline up to 150 degrees, have motorized functionality that are not only convenient, but they also help a lot for seniors or those with less-able bodies. Power lift models can actually help someone stand up from the chair by lifting the body out and forward, to easily get them to a standing position. There are models that come with a heat function. Adding heat to your seat is a wonderful tactic to loosen the muscle and fully relax. Massage chairs have multiple massage zones, usually eight or ten different points that message the body. Heat and massage and the comfort of a recliner at the same time? Now you’re living in luxury! Gaming chairs are designed to be used at a computer or gaming TV area and support the body during screen time – they also have cool designs and coloring reminiscent of a racing seat in a supercar. Glider chairs provide rocking capability with a smooth pendulated motion that will relax and soothe even the most cantankerous among you.

Fabric and Upholstery

You will find many chairs on Aosom.com that come made of faux leather, sometimes called PU leather. Faux leather is a fantastic and arguably better alternate to leather. It is more durable and can withstand scratches that would likely damage regular leather. It is also more eco and animal friendly. You can find our chairs made of linen and cotton. Both these fabrics come in a variety of colors that will elegantly match your next redesign of your home space.

Happy shopping! Stay comfortable out there. Check out customer reviews to see how other people liked a product and we also have a chat/message function on our website, that you can activate in the lower-left hand corner of our homepage with any questions you may have.

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