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Outsunny 10' Offset Tilt Patio Umbrella Sun Shade w/ Base - Cream

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- Foot lever to rotate the umbrella 
- Made of high quality fabric
- 6 different tilt positions
- Easy crank handle
- Top ventilation


The Outsunny 10’ Offset Patio Umbrella is the perfect choice for creating a shaded retreat to escape from the sun. Made of high quality fabric and with a stable water- or sand-filled base, this umbrella is a cut above other lower quality patio umbrellas.

It has 6 different tilt positions providing total coverage regardless of the position of the sun. With an easy crank handle this umbrella is easy to open and close. The handle is removable so you can ensure safety and security by keeping it out of little hands. The top of the umbrella features a top ventilation mesh for air flow, other umbrellas leave warm air trapped causing the temperature to raise uncomfortably on warm days, ours lets fresh air in helping keep the temperature even.

Unlike many other offset umbrellas ours has a water- or sand-filled base, so instead of having to use hard to move patio blocks or ugly sand bags to keep your umbrella from falling over you just fill the base with water and it is ready to go. The base has a wide mouth top fill spout and a side drainage spout, no more having to turn your base upside down to drain.

- Foot lever to rotate the umbrella
- 6 different locking tilt positions
- Removable easy crank handle
- Easy to remove from the base
- Top ventilation
- Restraint strap to keep umbrella fabric secure when closed
- Large top fill spout and side drainage spout

- Upc: 799975630373

- Umbrella shade: 116.5" x 116.5"
- Untilted frame to ground: 89" 
- Untilted side skirt to ground: 79" 
- Untilted from lowest middle point to ground: 92.75"
- Pole height from ground: 113"
- Pole thickness: 3"L x 2"W
- Max full tilt height: 128"
- Base: 33.5" x 33.5"

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Color Cream
Size No
Brand Outsunny