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PawHut 20” x 30” Portable Potty Training Fake Grass For Dogs And Small Animals

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- Realistic looking synthetic grass pad
- Utilizes a two layer system 
- Made of non-toxic material 
- Weather resistant 
- Reusable and cost-effective alternative

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Are pet accidents an issue in your household? The Pawhut 20" x 30" Grass Pad Dog Potty is your number one solution. It’s the best choice no matter what’s behind the cause of your pet’s potty problem.

There are many reasons why a dog may need to use a potty pad. The first and most obvious is when a puppy is being housebroken. The newest member of your family is sure to have accidents and a potty pad will no doubt help make training easier. Second, older dogs may have an issue with being able to hold their bladder for as long as they once did. Coupled with possibly reduced mobility from injury, surgery or advanced age may make it more difficult for them to make it outside in time. Apartment dwellers may find it difficult to leave their home for every potty break.

The Pawhut 20" x 30" Grass Pad Dog Potty is designed to help make life for both dog and owner a lot easier. Best of all its simple. A real walk in the park when you can’t actually go on one.

- Realistic looking synthetic grass pad attracts dogs more naturally than other potty training tools
- Utilizes a three layer system with separate tray, mat and turf for improved sanitation as well as easier disposal and  cleaning
- Made of non-toxic material to help keep both your pet and household safe
- It's weather resistant which makes it ideal for outdoor use on patios, balconies or porches
- A reusable and cost-effective alternative to non-synthetic and one time use options

- Upc: 763250271339

- Overall Dimensions: 20.1"L x 30"W x 1.2"T
- Net Weight: 5.3lbs
- Material: Plastic
- Color: Green and Black

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Color Green
Size No
Brand Pawhut