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Soozier 8.5 Liter Bubbling Heated Manual Dual Foot Massager Bath With Timer

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- Automatic double rolling wheel bubbling massager with universal wheels 
- Consistent temperature 
- PTC heating block for safety 
- Digital display 

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Sit down, take your shoes off, and let the Soozier Dual Massaging Foot Bath take you into a serene and relaxed state! Featuring consistent controlled heating with our PTC heating element, bath cover, and dual thermostats, the bath will not exceed a temperature of 118F ensuring you remain in a steady relaxed state of foot warmth. Soothing bubbles gently exfoliate and massage each foot, while the manual massage rollers concentrate on the underside of your feet. You control your comfort level and massage intensity with each bath by utilizing the temperature controls, bubble controls, and level to which you use the rollers. The compact design of this massager means you can take it with you from home, to work, and anywhere you might benefit from a relaxing foot massage. Its smaller size is also perfect for storage under the bed, in your car trunk, or tucked away in a corner for easy access

- Manual roller massage; 4 manual massage rollers
- PTC heating element ensures constant heating and temperature regulation
- Will not exceed 118F with the PTC element
- Fully covered insulation improves heating rate
- Digital display with controls
- Dual thermostat keeps a constant temperature
- Compact convenient size

- Color: Light Brown
- Water capacity: 8.5L
- Volt: 100-120V/60Hz
- Power: 500 Watts
- Dimensions: 19"L x 15"W x 12.6"H
- Inside Dimensions: 12"L x 4 1/2" (toes) x 4" (heel)
- Net weight: 7.7lbs

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Color Brown
Size No
Brand Soozier
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