Domestic charm. Close up of fresh chicken eggs lying on the sackcloth

Wonderful Eggs from your Chicken Coops? Now What?

Eggs are an incredibly versatile food. For instance, they are found in so many of the foods we eat, cakes, cookies, sauces, custards, ice creams, and so many others. You can whisk them, devil them, scramble them, drizzle them, whip them and fold them. Eggs are part of most people’s everyday diets, especially if you are raising your own chickens in your new Aosom chicken coops. Many people have started raising their own chickens because of the skyrocketing inflationary costs of supermarket chickens and eggs. For those of you dealing with a surfeit of eggs from your new backyard coops, I have found at least two interesting new ways to prepare large batches of eggs for big gatherings and meal prep. Also, I have included some tips and uses for those annoying leftover eggshells.

Happy Red Chicken due to Chicken Friendly Garden Design

How to Design a Chicken Garden: Sample Free-Range Garden Plans

I think that we can all agree that free-range chickens are happier chickens. The ability to roam the yard and peck to their hearts content is way more mentally stimulating for a chicken, rather than being cooped up all day in a confined area.  However, there is a hard-won balance that every passionate gardener tries …