Dog Agility Play Set from D07-004

Dog Agility Sets and More has Great Dog Agility Sets and much more for your pets! PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Our dog training & agility sets are a great way to train your dogs’ agility. It also encourage more outdoor exercise for better physical health and longer lifespans. FULLY ADJUSTABLE TRAINING DIFFICULTY: You can fully customize the height of hurdle bars and spacing of posts; easily adjusting the difficulty level of training from easy to hard, ideal for both beginners and professionals. The fully adjustable dog agility training equipment can be straightened out to a line or be configured in an offset pattern; providing different ways to exercise and train your dogs. PawHut’s dog agility training sets feature a variety of obstacle types, such as a high jumps, tunnels, agility weave poles, and fun jumping rings.

Traveling With Pets: A Guide to Pet- Friendly Vacations

Are you planning on traveling with pets this summer? Make sure you’re prepared with our travel essentials checklist! Vacations with pets can be fun, but you need to be prepared for the unexpected, including traffic jams, medical emergencies, and inclement weather. Fortunately, we’ve put together a handy checklist and list of tips to make your …