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Outsunny Outdoor Gold Hunter Coin Finder Metal Detector - Black

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- Full LCD display
- Headphone jack for headphone use
- Adjustable stem to fit any size of arm or person
- Comfortable armrest with a strap for security 


If you desire a little more adventure in your life then let out your inner pirate and find some buried treasure with this Outsunny metal detector.

You never know what you will find when roaming around the outdoors. This metal detector is adjustable to fit almost any arm size and can be hooked up with headphones so you can hear the beep through your headphones. The detector coil is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet while exploring. The main gauge shows when you find an interesting item and the needle will move to one side or the other letting you know what type of metal you found. To reset the needle you just need to press the red button and you can continue on your search for treasure.

Spend your free time in the beautiful weather searching for treasure with this Outsunny metal detector.

- Display gauge shows when you have found something and the needle will move to show what type of metal you found
- Needle must be reset using the red button after each find
- Headphone jack so you can listen through your own headphones (headphones not included)
- Adjustable stem to fit any size of arm or person
- Able to detect most types of metals and has target discrimination to not respond to iron and most unwanted items
- Waterproof search coil so you can use it in shallow water

- Upc: 799932988783

- Color: Black
- Battery: 6 x 1.5vAA alkaline batteries (batteries are not included)
- Approximate Product Dimensions: 26"-34.6""L x 6.5"W
- Detecting Plate: 6.5" diameter
- Net weight: 2lbs
- Power: 9V
- Frequency: 22KHz
- Work Electricity: 50mA
- Work Voltage: 7V-9V
- Max. detect depth: 0.6m

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Color Black and Silver
Size No
Brand Outsunny