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The Best Pedal Go-Karts

Go, Go, Go-karts!

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Does your kid love cars? Do they have a passion for racing? Is it the season to get outside and get them some exercise? If so, then a pedal go-kart is a great idea for a special gift!

Pedal go-karts can provide hours of indoor and outdoor entertainment and exercise for your kids. They’re less-expensive, more eco-friendly and more sedate than traditional rechargeable or petrol-engine go-karts. That’s because they have no fuel or recharging costs and can stay in shape longer with minimal maintenance. The other advantage of pedal go-karts is their slow speed: No high-speed crashes to worry about. Your kids will have a safe and enjoyable way to grasp the basics of driving at their own pace and with less exposure to accidents and injuries.

The biggest challenge most first-time go-kart buyers face is how to choose the perfect one for their family’s needs. There are tons of go-kart options, and each of them has its unique sets of pros and cons. If you’ve found yourself looking at too many options, don’t worry – by the end of this article, you’ll have a firm grasp of go-kart features and options, and how to pick the best one for your kids!

Picking the Best Pedal Go-Kart

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So many pedal go-kart options on the market can make finding the perfect one tricky. So how to decide what is most important in picking out an awesome go-kart for your child?

Most first-time buyers primarily consider the kart’s price. While this is a good starting point, it shouldn’t be the only consideration when it comes to pedal go-karts. Cheap can often end up being more expensive: If you only consider the price, you may end up buying an inexpensive but substandard go-kart that won’t last for long or lacks the best safety features. Some of the other factors to consider include:

  • Safety: Naturally, the first and most essential consideration is the go-kart’s safety—you don’t want a car that will have you constantly worrying about your child getting injured. Does the kart have a handbrake for quick braking, or a reversible drivetrain to enable slowing down through backpedaling? Some cars also have absorption strips and flywheels for extra protection in case the kart (starts to) tip over.
  • Tires: How thick and/or wide are the tires? Generally, wider tires offer better traction and additional stability.
  • Construction & quality: Solid metal frames generally provide better stability and durability. Also, carefully examine the joints. The stronger the joints are, the better the cart will hold up over the long term. A durable cart may be the best value because it can be handed down to younger children.
  • Height and weight parameters: Some go-karts come with height, age, and weight restrictions. Straying beyond these guidelines may cause the car to underperform or malfunction. Before buying a car, check its weight and height maximums against your child’s current height and weight.
  • Environment: Not all pedal go-karts are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. While most karts work for both environments, others are specifically meant for outdoors. Check the manufacturer’s instructions or visit their website.

Tips for Selecting Pedal Go-Karts

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  1. Ensure that the go-kart has all the necessary safety features. These include, but are not limited to, a handbrake, an inbuilt drivetrain, safety wheels, and absorption strips/bumpers.
  2. Make sure that the go-kart’s frame is constructed of solid and durable materials, with strong joints, that will extend the toy’s longevity.
  3. Find a go-kart with an adjustable seat. That way the toy can grow with your child.
  4. Remember to store the go-kart in a cool, dry and non-dusty environment. Also, don’t let it stay idle with out regular lubrication and cleaning for a long time, as this allows stiffening of moving parts and rusting of metallic parts.

We are Go for Fun!

Now that you have some great tips on selecting the right go-kart for your child(ren), go to and find the best deals on the best go-karts at affordable prices!

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