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What is the Best Playset for my Child?

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Playsets for Busy Families

Nowadays, children are all looking at their smartphones and playing with the latest gadgets. When parents decide they want to go for a trip to the park, they find themselves leaving important chores at home and preparing everything down to the last detail before heading out. This makes it more of a hassle than a form of enjoyment. Why not take the playground home with you? Not literally, of course! There are available toys in the market today that offer the same recreation and fun as going to the park within the comfort of your own home. Presenting…playsets!

Why go for a playset rather than individual toys sold separately? Kids having fun with playsets are developing their skills while playing. Letting their imagination run freely encourages kids to think creatively. Playsets also motivate children to communicate with you or their playmates. It urges them to speak their minds and hone their verbal and non-verbal skills. This results in building social relationships, not being afraid to interact with other people, whether by sharing or fostering friendly competition. Playsets are also good for sensory play and practicing fine motor skills by using the parts that have specific uses like toy wrenches, injections, mixers, and even small cashier registers!

Now you know what playsets can do for your kids (and a little bit for you, too), let us check out the different choices you have before purchasing one or more:

Size Matters

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3-in-1 play set from


Smaller playsets typically measure about two- to three-feet tall and are no higher than your average toddler. These playsets are perfect for small spaces and often narrow enough to set or store in the living room or nursery. They are often less expensive than larger sets but often offer an equal number of features and are easier to store.


For homes that can accommodate the bigger pieces, larger playsets can be more than three feet in height, and six feet in width.  They require a large floor space or yard for assembly. They are often constructed of larger, heavier pieces, so you will want to keep that in mind for assembly, disassembly and storage.

Materials & Construction

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Tool Playset from

Metal playsets

Metal playsets are playsets that usually use thin gauge steel pipes which are welded together. Their base is usually made of heavier metal pieces or a wooden base. The best ones are powder-coated to resist corrosion. They can become hot to the touch if exposed to extensive daylight, even in milder climates, so you should check the surface temperature of the metal playset before letting children play on it on sunny afternoons.

Vinyl playsets

Vinyl playsets use treated lumber to make them more resistant to rotting. For added protection, the treated lumber is coated with PVC or vinyl, which is UV protected so it won’t lose its quality under the sun. Other parts of the playset may be made up of wood fiber and plastics from recycled materials. The best part is that no upkeep is required for vinyl playsets, making it a better value for years of use.

Wooden playsets

Wooden playsets are often made of cedar, pine, or redwood.

  • Cedar playsets are resistant to rotting, decaying, and damage from pests. They are resistant to splintering, have a sweet woody smell, and hold paint and glue very well.
  • Pine playsets are frequently pressure-treated to last for years and contain wood preservatives that help prolong their quality. 
  • Redwood playsets are the most expensive of all the wooden playsets, and the most environmentally sensitive. Woodworkers swear by its durability, malleability, and minimum shrinkage and expansion. Maintenance like staining and sealing should be made yearly to prevent moisture from being trapped inside inside the wood, accelerating decay.

Features to Consider

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For indoor playsets, you would want something that would be compact and foldable. It could also be a kit with storage like a bag, pouch, or box included. For outdoor playsets, look for small inclusions in the playset that will maximize the space it occupies like the driver’s wheel, handlebars, climbing ropes and rocks, poles, and even mini slides.


Are you buying a playset for your one-year-old or giving it as a gift to a toddler? Will a 10-year-old kid use the playset? Find a playset that matches the age requirement to ensure the kids are entertained, away from unexpected incidents, and better develop their age-specific skillsets.


You don’t have to break the bank when deciding to buying playsets. They come in various prices starting as low as twenty or thirty dollars. If you have the budget to splurge, make sure you buy playsets that give good value for their price – durable materials, extra features, etc. If you’re tight on the cost, you may want to check out smaller playsets that still provide fun and entertainment comparable to the larger, more expensive ones.

Number of users

Another thing to consider is many children will use the playset(s). Will your child be the only one using the playset? Are there other kids who will be using the set? For outdoor fun and multiple play dates, opt for something heavy-duty and made of quality material and components that will stand the test of time.

Other Tips

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Soft Play Toy Set from
  • Check warranty coverage. Make sure the manufacturer’s warranty is at least a year long.
  • You may also want to consider the weather in your city or town if you are buying outdoor playsets.
  • Playsets usually comprise several pieces, so you need to ensure that they have been correctly assembled. You should also double-check the condition of the playset before and during usage.
  • Always make sure kids play with close adult supervision.


Playsets are made to bring enjoyable learning time and physical and mental growth to the important early developmental years. After reading our guide, rest assured that choosing a playset is simpler than ever before.  So make purchasing and playing with playsets a great bonding time for you and your little one! Visit for your playset needs!

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