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Seven of the Best Reasons to Buy Accent Chairs

Does your living room need an overhaul, but you can’t afford or justify a total redecoration? Is your den missing that special “something” to bring it all together? Or are you finding that your home office is looking a little bit threadbare and clinical after all that time spent working remotely?

Without breaking the bank and buying gallons of paint, the answer to all these home décor problems can be as simple as adding a beautiful accent chair to your living or working space.

What Is An “Accent Chair’?

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An accent chair is ideal for adding an extra bit of personality to any living space, with minimal effort and cost. These are standalone pieces that don’t have to tie into any current décor or style, that create a focal point within a room as well as offering additional space to sit.

While many accent chairs have usually been seen more as ‘decorative,’ there’s no reason at all why a striking new seat can’t also be the perfect place to snuggle up with a book!

In fact, accent chairs can be used in almost any room. Selecting one that’s unique and to your own taste will easily add a touch of comfort and color to any room, along with that all-important functionality for resting tired, weary legs.

Choose from brightly colored scalloped armchairs to classic leather designs. The sky is the limit, and there’s truly something for everyone.

Whatever your visual preference, it can really change a whole look and feel of an entire room without much effort.

Define Your Style

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Plush Newsprint Chair from

Accent chairs come in many different styles and materials – here are just a few to consider:

– Accent chairs with unique upholstery such as “newsprint” (see above) or velveteen

– Leather accent chairs for either an old world or modern minimalist look

– Swivel accent chairs, ideal for a teen’s room or a home office

– Modern accent chairs to bring tired décor into the 21st Century

-Traditional style accent chairs to complement a chic country home

This list is not exhaustive. You can choose almost anything for an accent chair. Whatever your taste and your vision, there are plenty of different opportunities to mix it up and bring added style to any room.

A Low Cost Interior Design Option

Rather than forking out for an expensive new couch or replacing all the furniture in a room, an accent chair can be purchased for a relatively low price. Whatever your budget, there are plenty of options available, which means that you can introduce your dream modern chair into your pad.

Affordability doesn’t mean cheap. A good quality accent chair will last for many years at a fraction of the cost of a new couch or recliner set.

Functional But Fashionable

If your taste is somewhat “eclectic,” that’s ok! Because you’re only buying a single item, you can go as wild as you like. Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a crushed velvet loveseat or a chaise covered in jungle print, there’s a chance to flex your interior decor fashion muscles without committing to a really intense theme throughout your home.

Offers Extra Seating for Guests

Everybody has that time they are entertaining, and they haven’t got enough seats for all the guests. Rather than dragging in your lawn furniture or expecting your friends to sit on the rug, the addition of an accent chair means that nobody is left without somewhere comfy to sit.

Create a Cozy Conversation or Reading Nook

If you like a bit of solitude, you can even take your accent chair to create a calm corner for quiet conversation, gazing out the window, or more. Imagine it now, it’s a cold winter’s day, and you’re sitting looking out the window at the snow. A cup of cocoa. Book in hand. Peace and quiet. Bliss!

Instantly Update a Room

Because it’s just a single piece of furniture but creates a significant impact, an accent chair allows you to try out wild design ideas… but in a controlled way.

Perhaps you’ve always loved the idea of teal velvet, but you’re scared it’ll be too overwhelming. Or you’re a fan of Mid-Century Modern, but you’re worried it’ll look dated.

An accent chair is a perfect way to test the waters before committing to a drastic redecoration project.


Want to move your room around? No problem. A single chair is more straightforward to shift than an entire couch, allowing you to switch the floorplan up quickly and try different looks. What makes an accent chair so ideal is that it can complement any existing style or color scheme, whether it’s traditional or modern, rustic or sleek. Don’t like the chair over there; just pick it up and put it near the window. Easy!


As well as coming in just about every shape and size imaginable, many accent chairs can come with added features and add-ons. Some even come with a matching ottoman, which is excellent for putting your feet up, can create an additional seat when guests visit. It can also include super valuable storage space in your living space.

And there’s nothing to stop you from having more than one! Really push the boat out and create a unique maximalist theme with a couple of different accent chairs.

They’re Ideal for The Modern Home

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The modern accent chair has been designed specifically with the needs of today’s generation in mind. Balanced room proportions and contemporary materials such as metal and leather help create stylish pieces that will last for years. They are also designed with comfort in mind, which some antique ones – while beautiful to look at – may have people struggling with their backs!

More Than a Chair

Accent chairs aren’t just for your living room or lounge. Why not place them in the corners of the house or even in the kitchen? Use them to complement the rest of your furniture or set against a plain wall for an eye-catching statement.

Whatever your décor style, home size, or family set-up, an accent chair is an ideal pick-me-up for any living space. So what are you waiting for? Go to and start showing off your style and design flair with new accent chair today!

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