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How to Find the Right Coffee Table for the Family Home

A coffee table can be one of the more important elements when designing the décor of your living room, and yet, it is often overlooked in the process. We spend days looking for that perfect couch, chairs and a cool rug that is going to tie everything together, while rarely giving any thought to finding a fashionable coffee table. Do we only need it to hold our books and magazines and occasionally double as a stool?

The traditional coffee table is the workhorse of a living room, while sofas and chairs get all the attention. Coffee tables, often overlooked as a minor accessory, are gaining more recognition as essential elements of interior design thanks to increased popularity and visibility through social media, magazines and books. 

Even seasoned designers can have a difficult time choosing the right coffee table: glass coffee table, round coffee table or square coffee table? A coffee table with storage or a farmhouse coffee table? A lightweight coffee table or a sturdy table that will support a lot of weight? Whether you are looking for a simple coffee table for your bedroom or a round coffee table for your living room, there are many questions to ask before you choose the right coffee table for your house.

Generally speaking, there are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind when choosing a coffee table for your house. Among them are the shape, the color and the materials of which your coffee table is made. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information on how to choose the right coffee table that will make your living space more cozy and inviting.

Styles & Models

Coffee Table Center Piece

Before we dive into different types of coffee tables, let’s go over some basic rules that you should think about when shopping around. Although you should choose the shape and size that best fits the design of your living space, you also need to pay attention to the difference between the size of your coffee table and your sofa.

One of the main rules is that your coffee table should be no less than half the size of your couch and should be at the same height as the seat. Of course, there are many exceptions depending on your living room style, and available space, but ideally, the length of your coffee table shouldn’t exceed the length of your couch.

Additionally, there should be about 30 inches between your coffee table and your couch, to make it easy to move around. If space is a concern, make sure to go with a smaller coffee table rather than a bigger one.

From simple round coffee tables to elaborate ottoman coffee tables, this important piece of furniture comes in many different forms and sizes. While some coffee tables are basic and simple, others can serve as food holders and double as stools.

Many times, the shape of your coffee table determines its functionality and also can dictate how well it works with other pieces of interior design. Meanwhile, the size of your coffee table dictates how much space you have left for other things and also makes for a great accessory in your living room.

The moment you open a furniture website or a catalogue, you see countless options, which makes it tough to choose a centerpiece of your room. We created this article to help you narrow down the list of options and make the right choice so that you could buy the coffee table that best fits your living room.

Square Coffee Table

“Marbletop” Contemporary Coffee Table from

A square coffee table works great in a big space. It can fit in the L-shaped set-up and still leave plenty of room for you to move around. One of the best things about a square coffee table is that it’s one of the most functional coffee tables around since you can style it in many different ways. For example, our Coffee Table with Marble Effect Tabletop fits perfectly in a contemporary living space as it offers a slim frame and plenty of functionality with adjustable feet at the bottom of the table.

Round Coffee Table

Round Retro-Industrial Coffee-End Tables from
Round Retro-Industrial Coffee-End Tables from

When every inch counts, consider adding a round coffee table to your design. A round coffee table can fit into small nooks and corners and can save tons of space. Consider HOMCOM Retro Industrial Style Table with Storage. This round coffee table comes with extra storage and movable table top and gives a modern feel to your living space, thanks to its edgy industrial style. It also comes with a great price under $100 and can be used as a bedside table or dining table.

Rectangular Coffee Table

Coffee Table from

A rectangular modern coffee table is a good option for a long sofa as it gives you plenty of space to move around while providing plenty of surface to put snacks, accessories and sometimes, even your feet. In case you have a lot of gadgets, remote controls and miscellaneous things that can get lost easily, consider a coffee table with storage such as our HOMCOM Mid-Century Modern Wood Coffee Table with Storage. This wooden coffee table fits any décor whether it’s your living room, your bedroom or your office. It can be used as a coffee table, entrance table, corner desk and store many of your trinkets and gadgets thanks to its ample space.

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse Style Coffee Table from

Looking for something practical and durable? Consider a farmhouse coffee table, a piece of furniture that will withstand wear and tear and hold many of your belongings such as electronic gadgets, books, coffee and drinks. For example, our HOMCOM Farmhouse Coffee Table comes with a sliding mesh door barn, storage cabinet and adjustable shelves is a great choice, as it works for small and large living spaces thanks to its compact size and comes with a sliding barn door storage cabinet that can double as a coffee table and TV stand.

Coffee Table with Storage

Coffee Table with Storage by

A coffee table with storage is a perfect choice for someone who needs a functional coffee table that will help to save space and create more storage. If you are looking for lightweight design and maximum functionality, HomCom Contemporary Coffee Table with Storage features a clean and minimal desk-type design and fits into almost any living space. It comes with a fully extended lift top desk that provides a floating raised work surface and also has a hidden storage compartment. Whether you need a coffee table for your dorm room or office, this table is a great find thanks to its affordable pricing and numerous features.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, Aosom has may options for completing your living room (or office or family room) décor with many styles and models of traditional and contemporary coffee tables. Think about what we have shown you above, then hop on over to to check out our large inventory of coffee tables, and so much more!

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