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Pedal Go-Karts Buying Guide

Pedal go-karts are a great way to start your kids on some light and fun workouts or help them grasp the basics of driving at an early age. If they love cars and watching car races, you can only imagine how exhilarated they’ll be when you buy them their first go-kart. 

There are several types of go-karts—hoverboard go-karts, rechargeable batteries go-karts, diesel-engine go-karts, pedal go-karts, and the list goes on and on. For this article, however, we are primarily focusing on the latter. 

Pedal go-karts are the best starter cars for kids. They, too, come in different types, models, and prices. Finding the perfect one requires considerable research and comparisons. Given their large number, this can take forever. But, don’t worry, we’ve already done the hard work for you. Here’s a detailed buying guide on choosing the perfect pedal go-kart for your kid. 

Pedal Go-Karts Are the Best Cars for Kids 

Pedal go-karts are generally for kids between two to ten years of age. So, what makes them ideal for children? 

  • They are slower than other go-karts: These cars allow your children to learn the basics of driving in a favorable environment. Their slow speed reduces the chances of falls and severe injuries. 
  • They are lower to the ground: This feature also prevents your kids from incurring severe injuries during accidents. 
  • Lightweight: Pedal go-karts are generally lighter than other go-karts. Therefore, you can easily carry them to and from wherever your kids will be riding. 
  • They are cheaper: The average cost of regular go-karts is approximately $2500; this can rise to $10,000 depending on the type you want. Pedal go-karts, on the other hand, go for as cheap as $150, making them a more inexpensive option. Besides, they don’t come with battery recharging or refueling costs. If you buy a strong go-kart, it can serve your kids for years with minimal maintenance. 

Categories of Pedal Go-Karts 

There are two broad categories of pedal go-karts; go-karts for kids and go-karts for adults. However, our primary focus today is on pedal go-karts for kids. These too come in different styles and sizes, which we can generally put in two groups: 

Pedal Go-Karts for Kids Aged 2-5 

These cars are the ultimate starter pack. They are very close to the ground, have slower speeds, and include more safety features. Most of them are three or four-wheeled ride-on toys and feature thicker tires for better stability and balance. Aosom recommends these go-karts to parents keen on nurturing their kids’ motor development skills before they reach the school-going age. 

Besides age groups, other manufacturers also categorize their pedal go-karts based on size, style, and safety features. However, age is the standard parameter and should be your first reference point. 

Pedal Go-karts for Children Aged 5-10 Years 

Once your kid has acquired some skills and enough confidence, you can introduce them to these go-karts. They are slightly raised, accelerate faster, have fewer safety features, and often come with adjustable seats. 

Tips to Choose the Most Suitable Go-Kart for Your Kid 

There are so many pedal go-karts in the market today, and each of them has unique strengths and drawbacks. So, how do you identify the perfect one for your kid? Consider the following factors: 


Pricing is one of the most crucial considerations for many first-time buyers. What most people may not understand, however, is that the price of a pedal go-kart goes beyond the initial cost.  

We recommend looking at pricing wholesomely. The cheapest pedal go-kart is one that serves you longer and gives you the best value for your bucks. Instead of saving money and buying a substandard car that’ll wear out in a few months, we recommend spending a little more to give your kids more comfortable rides longer. 


The other crucial consideration is the safety of your kids as they ride in the cars. Depending on your child’s age and driving skills, you might want to buy a pedal go-kart with: 

  • A handbrake – It enables instant and straightforward braking 
  • Inbuilt drivetrain – Enables the kid to slow down the car by backpedaling 
  • Absorption strips — Shield the kid from severe injuries in case of an accident 
  • Freewheel facility — Automatically slows down the kart when going down a slope 

Are You Ready to Start Shopping? 

Whether you’re looking for a striking go-kart, classic ride, or an impressive build, Aosom has you covered. Our go-karts are all single-seated, steel-framed, and feature the latest technologies and designs like anti-slip wheels, fully-enclosed chains, and modern braking systems. Introduce your kid to the thrill of indoor and outdoor adventure using either of the following Pedal Powered Go-Karts

Aosom Children Ride on Car with Adjustable Seat, Handbrake, and Shift Lever 

We recommend this for kids between ages three to eight, preferably 76lbs and below. It’s lightweight with a metal frame and plastic material for portability. Like all our kids’ go-kart offerings, it’s pedal-powered and easy to operate. The most popular colors are grey and orange. 

Aosom Kids Go Kart Ride On Pedal Car 

This pedal go-kart is ideal for kids aged between two and five. It’s slower, more lightweight, and lower to the ground than most cars in our inventory. The kart is available in red, blue, and green colors and has a steel frame with a rugged build. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor adventures, thanks to its lightweight and portability. The best part is that it’s pretty simple to operate; all kids have to do is pedal to move the car forward, backpedal to move it backward, turn the steering wheel to give it direction, and raise or lower the handbrake to stop it. 

Aosom Pedal Powered Metal Go Kart Racer for Kids 

This sleek car is available in red and blue and is ideal for both indoors and outdoors adventures. It’s perfect for kids between ages 5-12, preferably under 110 lbs. Its thick wheels not only bolster stability and durability but also enhance the car’s durability. 

Aosom Pedal Powered Go Kart Racer for Kids 

This red, sleek go-kart is suitable for three-year-olds, preferably below 66 lbs. It has a unique checkboard design, comes with a lightweight metallic and plastic frame, and durable plastic wheels. 

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