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Product Comparison: The Best Motor-Skill-Building Toys for your Children

Today’s toy industry offers the greatest variety of toys for toddlers and preschoolers ever — from new varieties and twists on classic rocking horses and play sets to ride-on toys for kids, there have never been as many ways for parents to have some quality fun time with their children.

In fact, kids can now ride what amounts to a miniature version of their parents’ real-life cars; definitely a fun sight for everyone. Naturally, these battery-operated cars are more than toys — attentive parents can use them to teach their children valuable lessons about road safety, while also improving their motor skills and reflexes.

And with different ride-on cars, play sets and rocking horses available for every kid age group, you can ensure that your child has precisely the ride they’ll be the safest in! With that in mind, let’s explore some of the best toys of this kind that you can buy.

Aosom 12V Ride On Car 2- Seat Police Truck

Children’s 12V Electric SUV Jeep from Aosom.com

Let’s kick off this list with what’s basically every kid’s dream — not only do they get to ride in their safe-yet-lightning-fast 12V truck, but it’s also got a special police-themed aesthetic! What child hasn’t felt captivated by the fantasy of looking cool while catching bad guys in their very own police truck? With this awesome ride-on car, you can give them countless hours of fun. And best of all, it’s a 2-seater, so they can play with their friends or siblings as well. Plus, it comes with three speeds and fully adjustable seatbelts, so you’re sure that your kid’s using the toy appropriately at all times.

Why we love it

  1. The police theme adds an exciting twist to an already awesome ride-on toy
  2. The build quality of both the battery and the car itself is superb, making it a worthwhile investment
  3. The MP3 compatibility means your kids will also be able to listen to their favorite tunes
  4. It’s too big for indoor use, so you’ll have to observe your kids more closely while they play with it outside

Mammoth Rocker Toy

Mammoth Rocking Toy from Aosom.com

Besides having a great 1980s band name, this Mammoth Rocker is one of the cutest rocking horses (or rather, mammoths) you can get for your kid. First of all, it’s a great twist on the tried-and-true horse theme — and it’s just too darn cute to miss out on. Plus, the plushy fur isn’t just for show; it ensures your kids have maximum comfort while slowly rocking on it and learning about balance. And let’s face it, its bright colors and fun shape just make it a wonderful decorative piece for a nursery.

Why we love it

  1. Its special design allows you to teach your kids about animal (pre)history
  2. The mammoth even has a soothing lullaby feature, which you activate by squeezing its eye
  3. The gentle rocking movement and plush fabric make it one of the most comfortable rockers you’ll find
  4. The seat belt, back, and handles were all designed for maximum safety and security
  5. It’s designed for kids between 18 and 36 months of age

11 Piece Soft Play Blocks

Multi-colored Soft Large Play Blocks from Aosom.com

Okay, so this isn’t a rocking horse or a ride-on care — but from time to time, it’s important for your young ones to get a break from all the constant movement and action, and focus on the development of some other skills as well. And when that happens, this soft-play equipment is perfectly poised to give them hours of fun, while also improving their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Why we love it

  1. The foam blocks can freely be combined into all kinds of shapes and structures, limited only by a kid’s imagination
  2. It’s universal use is great when it comes to playing with other kids who don’t necessarily have these at home, as they’re easy to pick up
  3. Busy parents will appreciate how easy these are to maintain, as they’re cleaned with nothing more than soap and water

Mercedes Benz 12V Toy Car

12V Mercedes Ride-on Car from Aosom.com

If you want your kid to be the most stylish one in the neighborhood, this is definitely the sweet ride that’ll be the envy of all their friends. There’s no getting around it — the coolest thing about this ride-on car is that it genuinely looks like the real thing; we’re talking about an officially-licensed car, but in a toy-sized package. There’s even a safety lock on the doors, working headlights and tail lights, and a cool one-button starting mechanism.

Why we like it

  1. While it’s a 12V toy car, it’s still extremely safe due to the excellent safety belt and a real-time remote control handled by parents
  2. There are all kinds of fun little features, like musical and horn controls on the steering wheel and realistic reverse and speed modes
  3. The battery life is decent, with an entire hour of continuous play after a single 8-hour charge in an electrical outlet; plus, the dashboard displays battery life.
  4. While its design puts safety first, it’s still worth remembering that this is a 12V car, and thus not suitable for kids younger than 3.

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