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How to Pick The Perfect Accent Chairs For Your Lifestyle

One super easy and affordable way to get closer to living that Instagram lifestyle you dream about is by adding a cool and quirky accent chair to your living space. Be it a contemporary accent chair, a swivel accent chair that also doubles up as the perfect remote working chair, or even a comfy chair with an ottoman. The addition of this one piece of furniture can bring a room together in a cool, effortless way.

But what accent chair is going to suit your lifestyle best? Let’s see what types of accent chairs might fit the design style of various personalities:

The Fashionista

Blue Scalloped Accent Chair by Aosom.com

The Fashionista knows it’s not just about trends, but about being classic and timeless. They live by the ethos that true style never goes out of fashion. The Fashionista will set their sights on finding an accent chair that ticks all the functionality boxes but won’t look dated quickly. This accent chair with a scalloped back wouldn’t look out of place in a Parisian penthouse. Tres chic! You want something that looks like it’s plucked from a chic NYC apartment.

The Romantic

Green Highbacked Accent Chair from Aosom.com

The Romantic is all about creating a space that’s full of life and character. This person wants to find something with personality and plenty of it! Their accent chair can be quirky but still elegant enough for the living room. Think sumptuous fabrics in rich jewel tones, like this stylish high-backed chair, complete with ottoman. Consider an accent chair featuring fun detailing or patterns like florals or stripes.

The Traditionalist

Red Chaise Accent Chair from Aosom.com

The Traditionalist likes to keep things simple. They want a chair that’s going to work with their existing decor, not fight against it. The Traditionalist should look for understated fabrics and an overall streamlined design in neutral shades for this one.

A definite winner for the traditionally inclined is this gray 2-in-1 chaise, which also doubles up as a sofa bed for added functionality. 

The Modernist

If there is anything, The Modernist loves more than being ahead of the curve? For them, it’s finding the next big thing in design. This person wants something trendy but functional, like classic furniture with a contemporary spin. This rocking chair comes with a super minimalist fabric, clean lines, but the homeliness of a retro rocking chair.

The Funkadelic

Unicorn Swivel Chair from Aosom.com

This one isn’t afraid to be bold and brighten things up! If anything, they want their living space to reflect who they are as much as possible, which might mean having fun patterns, patterned fabrics, or funky prints. The brighter, the better!

 For someone who likes to be a bit extra, this rainbow, fuzzy unicorn swivel chair is sure to turn heads and will definitely make a statement!

The Family

Glider Rocker Chair from Aosom.com

The Family wants something that’s going to be easy to clean – durable fabrics are a must. Think neutral shades for easy spot treatment or a jazzy print that will hide many sins when messiness strikes. This person might also want an accent chair with an ottoman, like this glider chair, perfect for late-night cuddling and nursing booboos.

The Worker

With many people still working remotely, your home office probably doubles as a second living room nowadays. If this sounds like you, then you need an accent chair that functions for work but doesn’t scream ‘corporate’ all over your living space. Go with an option with generous proportions and pivoting seats – like this swivel accent chair, complete with fuzzy fabric and an adjustable height for good ergonomics.

Whatever your personal style may be, there are many unique ways to inject personality into your home with one simple chair choice! Here are some quick hints to get you on the right path.

Selection Tips For The Perfect Accent Chair

Modern accent chair from Aosom.com
  1. Make sure to carefully measure the space and select a chair that gives you enough clearance space to still use the room properly
  2. Take into consideration exactly how the fabric needs to be treated if there are any spills or accidentally, particularly if you have young kids or pets
  3. Decide if you want a chair that ties in with your current decor or something that stands out and “pops”
  4. Select an accent chair that makes you really happy. As Marie Kondo says, you want it to “spark joy.” An accent chair is as much a focal feature as a functional piece
  5. Don’t just choose something because it’s “cool” or a celebrity has it. Make sure it’s something that really makes you smile when you see it!
  6. Choose something that is going to be as functional as it is pretty
  7. Make sure you set and stick to a budget
  8. Comfort is key. While you want an accent chair to be cool and striking, it has to be comfortable too!

If you take the above into consideration, you will be well on your way to finding the accent chair that will transform your space. Living rooms and the rest of your home are for just that, living! And when you have furniture that is both practical and beautiful, it can really make all the difference to your space. Happy sitting!

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