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Product Comparison: Shopping for the Best Large Mirrors

Are you in search of the perfect mirror for your space, but you can’t decide on which one to buy? Aosom has a wide selection of mirrors in all kinds of sizes and styles that will allow you to brighten and broaden a room, regardless of the size or type of space! The main factors in choosing the right mirror for your space include considering size, shape and style. To read more about these considerations, read our blog “Mirror, Mirror,” or keep reading this piece to learn about the best mirrors for your bedroom, bathroom and living room!

Our Best Mirrors (and Why We Recommend Them)!

HOMCOM Full Length Mirror with Jewelry Cabinet

Storage Mirror from Aosom.com
Storage Mirror from Aosom.com

With a built-in jewelry cabinet, coat rack, and hanging cloth bar, this mirror is an all-in-one space-saving purchase! If you live in a small space, you know what it’s like to avoid taking up floor space until you absolutely need to do so. This full length mirror with built-in storage is your solution to the issue of space. It rotates 360º so you can access all sides without moving it, and it’s sleek so it’ll fit into any space.

Why We Love It:

  • Sleek & Space Efficient – Designed for modern small living, you can save space with this functional little masterpiece.
  • High Quality – Customers rave about the quality of our products; see for yourself!
  • No Installation Needed – Just place it on your floor and put it to use!

Take Note: The price of this unit is higher because it includes the mirror itself, as well as storage space and a 360º rotating base.

HOMCOM Full Length Dressing Mirror, Floor Standing or Wall Hanging

Full-Length Dressing Mirror from Aosom.com

This full-body mirror is perfect for the person who needs a place to plan their outfits, but wants to avoid too much commitment. Sleek, simple, and designed to fit any space, this mirror can be used as a freestanding piece on the floor or installed on a wall. The black aluminium alloy frame keeps things simple and the style universal, so no matter who you are or what your style, you’re set for life!

Why We Love It:

  • Universal Style – Designed to be unassuming yet sleek and functional, you can put this mirror anywhere and make it work.
  • High Quality – Customers have said the floor stand doesn’t wobble, even on carpet.
  • Optional Installation – You can leave it as a freestanding piece or mount it on the wall; it’s up to you!

Monarch 59” Traditional Style Solid Wood Oval Cheval Swivel Mirror

When it comes to decorating your living room, it’s a rare case where fashion and function matter. Just think about how many people walk through and spend time in your living room! This Monarch mirror is a free-standing piece that will fit perfectly in any corner. Whether it’s used as an accent piece or a functional one, this traditional style mirror is well suited for anyone with a love for wood finishes.

Why We Love It:

  • Traditional Design – So many companies are shifting towards modernized, sleek looks, but we love the traditional look!
  • No Installation Needed – Just place it on your floor and put it to use!
  • Affordable – This is one of our most affordable products for its high quality; keep it simple with a traditional mirror that suits your budget.

Take Note: This mirror does not have an option for wall mounting.

Monarch 38” x 30” Wooden Shaker-Style Accent Mirror with Curved Top

Living rooms and bed roomscan vary greatly in the amount of natural light they get, so a wall-mounted decorative mirror might be just what your home needs! This Monarch Shaker Styled mirror is a fantastic traditional piece that will go with most basic furniture and living room elements. Use it as a functional mirror or simply to reflect light through the room – this traditional style will suit anyone who loves wood and soft edges!

Why We Love It:

  • Traditional Design – So many companies are shifting towards modernized, sleek looks, but we love this traditional look!
  • Easy Installation – With a quick nail in the wall and a heavy-duty frame hanger, you’ll have this up in minutes.
  • Fluid Style – While this mirror looks traditional, it can be contemporary when mixed with the right modern elements!

Take Note: This mirror is wall-mount only.

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