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Beat the Heat With These Cool Summer Activities

It’s midsummer, and the novelty of being home from school may be beginning to wear off. If you’ve been hearing “I’m bored” around the house, it’s time to plan some fun summer activities to keep the kids busy (and keep yourself sane). To help you create some unique experiences for your kiddos this year, we’ve put together this list of awesome activities to help you beat the heat and make this summer unforgettable!

Get Campy:

Many summer day camps start in August, so there may still be time to sign up! Check your local Youth Center, Church, or Community Center for summer programs for kids. Look for a program your child will truly enjoy, whether their thing is STEM, art, animals, or community. Day camps are great for kids as they help build social skills and introduce them to kids in their community that they may not know from school. Camp is also great for parents who need a little time to themselves!

Get Crafty:

Hone those fine motor skills and tap into your child’s inner artist with some cool crafting projects. This can be as simple as picking up some sidewalk chalk from the Dollar Tree and letting the kids create their own murals in the driveway, or as complex as learning to weave, sew, paint, or build their own creation. For some excellent craft ideas, check out our Pinterest Board.

Get Active:

Help your kids burn some of that energy with a physical activity. Go for a bike ride or hike, hit the local community pool, or use the long summer days to learn a new sport or activity such as tennis, swimming, or horseback riding. Try to get outside in the early mornings or evenings, when it’s a little cooler outside to avoid sunburns. 

Get Outside:

Get in touch with nature this summer. Hiking is a great daytime activity, especially if there’s a river or lake along the way to dip your toes in (or more). Kids love camping out, but you don’t need to head off into the wilderness; pitch the tent in the backyard and let the kids camp out on their own. Try downloading the Sky Map app to make stargazing an educational experience.

Be Social:

Create a playdate schedule with other parents in your kids’ friend group and alternate having playdates at each other’s houses. The kids will love spending time together, and you’ll love having time to get your own stuff done once in awhile. Plan a picnic with friends, cousins, or other family members who may have some free time in the summer. Check out local events like the County Fair, Public Arts Exhibits, Summer Concerts, or Farmer’s Market.

Get Smart:

Your local library is a summer haven for kids and parents, especially if your house doesn’t have A/C. County libraries usually host summer reading programs for kids to help them stay on track and grow their love of reading while school’s out. They also offer story time, activities, games, and of course, that sweet, sweet air conditioning. 

Play it Cool:

When it’s just too hot to do anything at all, a movie marathon may be in order. Instead of playing the same old Pixar flicks, try introducing the kiddos to your own childhood favorites, like classic Disney films or live action gems like The Swiss Family Robinson or The Parent Trap. Pop some popcorn, mix up a batch of Kool Aid, help the kids make a movie watching station on the living room floor with blankets and pillows, and turn the lights down to get the full effect. 

Need more summer activity inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board to find even more ways to beat the heat this summer!

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