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Fall Home Trends to Update Your Living Space

Shop our design collections and update your space with fall home trends during our Refresh Your Home Sale!

Fall is here! It’s no secret that I’m super jazzed for cooler temps, oversized sweaters, crunchy leaves, and rainy afternoons. I love a hazy autumn morning, filled with the scent of wood stoves and freshly brewed coffee. I also love redecorating my house in the fall, trading away my summer pinks and greens for deep purples and greys. Switching out my decor helps me get in the mood for each season and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Are you ready to switch up your decor for Fall? This is the perfect time to make it happen! We’re running our Refresh Your Home sale for the whole month of September, so you can get the perfect accent pieces to get your home ready for the holidays.

Here’s my Fall hot take- the Pumpkin Spice Latte isn’t that good. I prefer a brown sugar cinnamon breve with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles. But hey, you gotta like what you like. That’s why we’ve put together these mini-collections of our favorite home products! Whether you’re into an Industrial Chic style or go for Mid-Century Modern decor, we’ve got all of the pieces you’ll need to complete the fall home trends look.

Industrial Chic

If you love a dark palette and urban vibe, Industrial Chic is for you. The Industrial look combines natural wood grain, leather, metal, and concrete to create looks that make you feel like you’re in a gritty New York City studio apartment or at least on the set of RENT. Exposed brick or wood beams can make your industrial decor feel extra authentic, but you can easily pull this look off with trendy accent pieces.

We created this Industrial collection using a dark neutral pallet of grey, black, and natural wood grain. Contrasting materials like wood, leather, and metal come together to complete the urban vibe. Stylish and functional, we love Industrial Chic because of it’s nod to minimalist design and it’s ability to invoke a dark and moody atmosphere with just a few pieces.

Wood and Linen Upholstered Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair – Grey

Single Sofa Chair with Soft Linen Touch Fabric, Button Tufting Mid-Backrest

Modern Lift Top Coffee Table Tea Desk

Ample Storage Console TV Stand with 2 Cable Management Holes for Living Room

Eclectic Entertainment

You probably like to travel, but you like to come home, too. You’ve got a plethora of fun and interesting tchotchkes from all around the world, and while you like a theme, you’re not too concerned with making things match. The Eclectic style is perfect for you. Unexpected patterns and pops of color bring this style to life and make your space as interesting and worldly as you are.

Combining a variety of textures and patterns, we’ve kept our Eclectic collection in a neutral brown palette that you can put your own touch on. Don’t be fooled by that coffee table- it’s actually a mirrored surface, so it will reflect all of the charm of the surrounding room. The picture of comfort and liveability, we love this Eclectic collection because it’s perfect for customization!

Europa Brushed Velvet Wing Back Accent Chair – Brown
Transitional Padded Upholstered Fabric Armless Accent Chair – Floral Print
Contemporary Geometric Inspired Round Mirrored Accent Coffee Table
Reclaimed Wood-Look Contemporary TV Console Stand with Open Concept Storage and Adjustable Shelves – Cappuccino Brown

Retro Chic

You’re stuck on the ’70s, and honestly who can blame you? All those rich textures and earth tones make us think of cozy fall afternoons spent at Grandma’s house, watching Unsolved Mysteries and making popcorn balls. Genuine antiques complete the retro look, whether they’re family heirlooms or your own yard sale scores. These pieces will help pull together a look your Grandma would be proud of.

We’ve captured your design nostalgia in our Retro Chic collection. Featuring funky florals, lots of wood grain, and one incredible ottoman pouf that is as much a conversation piece as a centerpiece, your guests will be wowed by this look. We love Retro Chic because it fulfills all our nostalgic needs while creating a super welcoming and usable living space.

Plush Transitional Style Farmhouse Accent Armchair – Earth Tone Floral Print
Padded Microfiber Ottoman Coffee Table with Leather-Look Trim and Storage Drawer – Brown
Contemporary Wood Grain-Look Top Tempered Glass Legs Accent Coffee Table – Dark Taupe Finish
Contemporary Wood Grain-Look Open Concept Shelf 2-Drawer Storage Console TV Stand – Dark Taupe Finish

Farmhouse Elegance

If you own a pair of cowboy boots unironically, and you like a soft, neutral palette, then Farmhouse decor is for you. Combining simple lines, natural wood grain, and interesting prints, the Farmhouse look makes a home feel cozy and welcoming. Whether you live on an actual farm or just play a lot of Farmville, this whimsical style will always bring you rustic comfort.

No matter what the season, you’ll appreciate the soft greys and browns in our Farmhouse collection. Complete with functional seating and plenty of storage options, this collection combines plush seating and natural wood grain accent tables to make you feel like you’re at home on the range. The mosaic tile coffee table creates an interesting centerpiece. We love the Farmhouse collection because it’s so comfortable and liveable for day to day life.

Modern Upholstered Curved Back Barrel Tub Chair with Matching Ottoman – Grey Circular Pattern
Plush Transitional Style Farmhouse Accent Armchair – Taup Leaf Design
Modern Mosaic Tile Top Hammered Silver Metal Frame Accent Coffee Table – Grey / Blue Tile Finish
Contemporary 4-Drawer Open Concept Shelf Reclaimed Wood-Look Storage Console TV Stand – Dark Taupe Finish

Contemporary Sophistication

You’re a trend-setter, always scoping out magazines and Pinterest boards for the next big thing. You like to keep it simple with clean lines and minimalist decor. We bet you love a good statement piece, like a gold frame glass top coffee table! Modern Contemporary style is always a show- stopper, and nothing impresses house guests like a carefully manicured living space featuring timeless decor.

This Contemporary collection is perfect for the amateur interior decorator. These functional and interesting pieces will serve as staples in your home decor as you continue to update your accessories to reflect current trends. Dark wood grain tables with clean, strong lines and modular seating options will make your home the party favorite. We love the Contemporary collection because it complements any home with style and ease.

Curved Back Velvet Accent Barrel Tub Chair with Matching Ottoman – Dark Red
Faux Leather Convertible Sofa Sleeper Bed with Storage Ottoman – Black
Contemporary Tempered Glass Coffee Table with X-Design Metal Base – Gold
Contemporary Wood Grain-Look Open Concept Shelf Storage TV Stand Console – Cappuccino Brown Finish

Mid-Century Modern

If you’ve got a flair for the dramatic, you’re probably here for our Mid-Century Modern collection. Channel your inner Morticia Addams (or Cruella DeVille) with this drama- infused decor style. Featuring a black, white, and grey palette, the starkly contrasting colors and sharp lines will make your space look like something from a classic Hitchcock film.

We stan a drama queen! The Mid-Century Modern collection is all about making a statement. Strong lines and bold blacks and whites are reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour and glitz. If you want a living space as bold and sophisticated as you, this is the collection you need. We love the Mid-Century Modern collection because it’s style and minimalist instantly elevate any space.

Plush Transitional Style Farmhouse Accent Armchair – Grey Microfiber
Tufted High Back Velvet Upholstered Accent Chair – Black
Modern 2 Tier Rectangular Living Room Coffee Table – Black / White
Contemporary Hollow-Core Wood Grain-Look 3-Tier Storage Console TV Stand – Cappuccino Brown Finish

Which Fall Home Trends Collection will you choose?

Whatever your favorite design style, you can find these great accent pieces and more on Through the end of September, take an extra 10% off our home products with code Home10.

Check out our Pinterest board to discover more fall home trends!

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