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How to Find the Right Poker Table

After a stressful week at work, couldn’t we all use a trip to Vegas? Unfortunately, not all of us can jet off every time lady luck calls our number. But we have the next best thing – a home poker table. 

A home poker table can be a great way to break up the week, work on your skills, or even make some money off your buddies. So whether you’re training to go pro, looking to take family game night to the next level, or want to make your home the envy of everyone on the block, we’ll help you find the perfect table to suit your needs.  

There is a wide variety of table sizes and styles to choose from. But regardless of the poker table you end up picking – you become the house. And remember, the house always wins!  

Table style  

We offer several different table styles. Please note that some tables will have specific combinations of the various features, so please visit our poker table page to find your favorite option.  

Poker/Blackjack Combo 

These tables are designed to have a dealer who is not a player in the game. They are half tables that have the dealer standing when the players are seated. This is ideal for players who like to play both poker and blackjack as they also have outlines showing where to place your cards.  

They also work well for event nights when you might hire someone to deal for your guests. In addition, the poker/blackjack combo tables are 72 inches across, while the non-dealer tables are 48 inches across.  

Cup Holder vs. No Cup Holder 

Some home poker tables are equipped with cup holders built directly into the tables. Do you want to be as professional as possible or as comfortable as possible? Cup holders are the ultimate choice for comfort, as you can enjoy drinks with your friends without having to get up from the table constantly.  

They’re also perfect for limiting spills on the felt. After all, no one wants to play on a table full of drink stains.  

Chip Tray Tables 

Chip tray tables feature plastic trays to keep all your chips organized. This handy feature ensures that your chips are all accounted for, keeps a tidy appearance, separates all the players’ chips, and prevents them from falling off the table.   

Tabletop Sets 

Tabletop sets can be put on top of existing tables and do not have legs of their own. This setup is perfect for people who already have a large table suited for multipurpose use. This option can save space and is generally much more affordable than having a table with its own legs. If you don’t have a place to store a full poker table, then a tabletop set is an excellent option. 

Foldable Tables 

These tables have foldable legs and can be transported anywhere. In addition, they’re a great space-saving option for people without a large enough surface for a tabletop set. So whether you bring out your poker table every night or save it just for special occasions, foldable tables give you the most versatility and convenience. 

What’s the perfect poker table for you? 

There are many great choices for aspiring home poker players, so it’s important to ask yourself some basic questions before making your final selection. 

  • Dealer or no dealer? 

The first thing you should ask yourself is whether you’re going to be playing casual games with friends or if you want to have a dedicated dealer. If you want a dealer or need a multipurpose surface to support blackjack, you should opt for the 72-inch half table.  

Playing on the closed 48-inch table will not be conducive to having a dealer as there will be nowhere for them to stand. However, it’s the perfect option for playing with friends.  

  • What fits best in your house? 

Please make sure to measure your space before buying a table. The last thing you want is players to have their backs up against the wall before the game even starts!  

The felt color is also crucial if you’re not packing away the table when you’re done playing. Make sure it doesn’t clash with the existing furniture.  

  • Do you need a standalone table or a more portable option? 

A standalone table will feel like the most premium option. It’s great for those with dedicated game rooms or people who play poker regularly and want the best. Since you’re dealing with fewer moving parts, the table will feel sturdier. You might even forget you’re at home and not in a casino! 

If moving around a full-sized table sounds cumbersome or tiring to you, then a tabletop set is a perfect option. It’s especially great if you’re dealing with a limited budget or limited space.  

For something in the middle, go for a foldable table. It gives you the best of both worlds – a dedicated poker-playing surface that is easy enough to move around and stow away when you need some extra elbow room. 

  • What kind of extra features or accessories do you need? 

Lastly, consider your personal preferences and the preferences of the people you play with.  

Do you value extra organization? Then look for tables that include chip holders. Scared a spilled beverage will ruin your brand new felt? Choose a table with cup holders. Are you playing with beginners or just like the appearance of extra graphics? Then buy a table that features outlines to show where the cards should be placed.  

Selection Tips 

  1. Make sure to measure your space and pick a table size that gives you enough room to breathe. As they say, measure twice buy once.  
  1. Remember that felt needs to be treated gently. Make sure it is not being stored in a damp place that can damage the integrity of the fabric. 
  1. Choose a table that you will be proud to show off. After all, poker is a game to be played with others. 

We hope this guide helps you find the table of your dreams. Playing poker can be a fulfilling lifetime hobby, and finding the perfect table is the first step to upgrading your playing experience.

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