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Buying Guide for the Best Swing Set for your Child

Outdoor Play Swing Toy from
Outdoor Play Swing Toy from

Awesome Swing Sets

​Looking for more ways to get your kids outside and exercising in a healthy and safe way? Sparking your child’s imagination through play is a wonderful (and scientifically backed!) way to support healthy and happy development. Fortunately, we have a great buyer’s guide for the best swing set for your child right here!

With a family swing set from Outsunny, your kids will be spending more time outdoors and improving their motor skills. O​ur “awesome” swing sets have adjustable chains and ropes that you can change and adjust as your children grow and get bitter.  Many of our kid’s swing sets include two separate swing seats and an attached slide and or seesaw attachment. Our swing sets and outdoor play sets are great for entertaining and exercising 3-6 small children safely under adult supervision.  Always assemble our swing sets on firm, level surfaces and read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions and warnings before assembling and using our swing and swing sets. Our swing sets are recommended for ages 3 years old and older.

Features of our Swing Sets

Multiple swing se​​ats, plus additional attachments (seesaws, slides, playhouses – will vary by model) will keep a whole squad of children entertained for hours. Outsunny Children’s Swing Sets are great for developing children’s gross and fine motor skillsAdjustable swings fits almost any child while they grow. Sturdy metal frames with secure balance in the design. 

But with so many options available, how do you even begin to pick the perfect swing set for your little one? Keep reading – we have some great tips to help guide you towards the ideal pretend swing sets that are suitable to your child’s age, interests, development stage, and more.

Affordability, Reliability and Quality playsets are designed with safety, quality, and reliability in mind. All our products, including swing sets and play sets, have a 30-day return policy and a one-year limited warranty. Because we import directly from the manufacturer and skip the “middle-man” and associated mark-ups in price, we can sell affordable, reliable and quality swing sets at a significantly lower price than any of our nearest competitors.

Finding the Best Swing Set


When it comes to selecting the right type of swing set, one of the first things you’ll want to consider is your child’s age.

So, when browsing for your kid’s first swing set, always look for one that is age appropriate.

If your child is only 18 months old, for example, you will want to rule out the three-year-old sets. Choose the safety swing sets designed for smaller toddlers instead.

Is your child over the age of three? Then you will have a wider range of swing sets to safely choose from.


Another useful factor to consider when choosing your kid’s swing set is by understanding what type of play they are interested in: imaginary play, cooperative play, parallel play, etc. A child or children interested in imaginary play might want a swing set with a playhouse attached.  A child who likes cooperative play might want a set with a see saw attached.  An introverted child more interested in parallel play may prefer a set with a slide attached.    

Try not to limit your choice to your child’s gender. Your little boy might love playing with a vanity table or nursery set, and your little girl might be a fan of car garages and workbenches! Follow their lead, and don’t force any preconceived notions that might limit their play and restrict their physical and mental growth.

Developmental Stages

A third aspect that you’ll want to pay attention to is your kid’s development stage. This, sometimes, is connected to their age – though not always.

Children with special needs, or children who are reaching certain milestones (such as fine motor skills and problem-solving skills) a bit later might prefer to play on swing sets that usually fall under a younger age group.

You, as the parent or caregiver of your little ones, are who knows them best. Always trust your instincts and your understanding of your child when selecting swing sets & play sets, and don’t feel like you must limit yourself to rigid age or developmental groups or tiers.


You will also need to ask yourself some questions about how and where you will use the swing set: Where am I going to store the swing set? Or will I leave it inside or outside all year round? How much space do I have available? Is it in a soft but firm and level play area?

Measure the planned play space against the dimensions of the swing set, making sure to leave some peripheral space for your child(ren) to move around freely and play safely (adult supervision is always recommended).

In small areas, you might want to prioritize buying swing sets that are taller as opposed to wider. One with a slide, for example, rather than a large attached play house.


You might also want to give some thought to the pricing & budget.

If you are buying a swing set for a special occasion, such as a birthday, then you might feel like spending a bit more. If you are thinking about buying a few different play sets or swing sets to create a nice play area for the children, then it’s good to look for options that won’t break the bank.

Soft Play Toy Swing from
Soft Play Toy Swing from


So, when looking for a swing set or play set for your child, remember to keep the following in mind:

  1. Make sure that your swing sets are age-appropriate and suitable to your child’s developmental stage and motor skills.
  2. Buy a set that develops your child’s interests and fits their personality and play style.
  3. Consider how much space you have available to store the sets and make sure you have enough open area around the swing set for your child(ren) to play freely and safely under supervision.
  4. Think about how much you are willing to spend and budget accordingly.

Are you ready to spark your little one’s imagination and support their healthy and happy growth and development? Then start shopping our fantastic selection of swing sets at today!

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