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Buying Guide: Finding the Best Coffee Table for your Family and Home

Living Room Coffee Table

Choosing a coffee table can sound like a mundane task. You have already put a lot of effort into buying that perfect couch, arranging pictures and decorations on the wall, and now all you need to do is quickly pick a coffee table, and that’s it. Not so fast! Coffee table can be an important element of your home design and you should give it as much attention as other pieces of furniture. To help you choose the right coffee table, we put together a list of helpful tips.

  1. Look at a variety of different materials such as glass, wood and metal. A glass table requires less care as it’s easier to clean up and is not subject to changes such as fading from the light and losing its shine over time. If you want to have a durable table that will last a while and is easy to mix and match with most types of furniture, a glass coffee table is a great fit. A wooden coffee table, on the other hand, is a good option if you want to “warm up” your living space and give it a more cozy feel. Wooden coffee tables work well in large areas with plenty of windows and high ceilings.
  1. A bright table is a great way to liven up your living space. If your room has subdued hues, consider adding a splash of bright color. Bright tables can bring more mood and create a special atmosphere in your place by striking a balance.
  1. Don’t forget to leave some room between your couch and coffee table. There should be at least 30 inches from the edge of your coffee table to your TV table. Additionally, make sure to leave some space between your couch too, so you can stretch your legs and have enough space to move around. You don’t want to buy a big coffee table only to realize that it will take up more space than you were counting on.
  1. Pay attention to the height of your coffee table. Standard height is about 16-18 inches, but if you have a higher couch, you might want to take some measurements before you start shopping for a coffee table. A coffee table that is taller than the seat of your sofa will look awkward and will be tough to move around.
  1. Choose the shape of your coffee table carefully. Although you might not think of the shape of your table as an important factor, it is. For example, a round table works better if you have kids and literally need to cut the corners. A round table also works better for small spaces as it can be used as a side table and coffee table in different settings.
  1. Since a coffee table is an “accessory” to the rest of the room, buy your larger furniture first. It’s a lot easier to change your coffee table in case it doesn’t work than change your couch or bookshelves. A coffee table puts a final touch on your living space and helps you to complete the look.
  1. Consider the purpose of your table. When shopping for a coffee table, don’t forget why you are buying it. If all you need is just to hold some books and magazines, consider a lightweight table that you can move around easily and use for other purposes. If you have a lot to store, consider a coffee table with storage and if you are after a cool style, choose a table with an edgy look that can add some variety to your living room.
  1. Buy more than one coffee table. If you need to furnish your entire house, buying more than one coffee table is a good idea. You can always mix and match your coffee tables with other furniture when you need to rearrange things a bit, that’s why you might want to purchase several coffee tables in different shapes and sizes. Before shopping, take a close look at your place and think about where you would put coffee tables and what they would look like. Visualization always helps!
  1. Avoid cheap coffee tables, and look for affordable quality coffee tables. Even though a coffee table is an afterthought for many people, you should stay away from buying a cheap coffee table. Just think about it: your table will go through wear and tear and will likely have many impacts such as spilled beverages, food stains and more. It will also likely get knocked over at least a couple of times as you move places and rearrange furniture in your living space. That’s why you should not go with a cheap lightweight option that will not last more than just a couple of years.
  1. Have fun with it. When you hear most people talking about shopping for furniture, they are mostly excited about their kitchen tables, sofas and couches, and rarely mention a coffee table. And yet, choosing a fun coffee table and styling it with the rest of your furniture can be so much fun! Treat it as a centerpiece of your living room and you will have a blast. To make the process more exciting, get some inspiration from blogs, magazines and social media, and you will see that this process can be really exciting.


Farmhouse Coffee Table from
Farmhouse Coffee Table from

Whether it’s your first time shopping for a coffee table or you have some experience combining different shapes and forms with the rest of your furniture, the process of buying a coffee table and matching it with the rest of your interior should be fun, after all. A coffee table is more than just a piece of furniture holding your belongings and you should treat it accordingly. Remember that although a coffee table is an important piece of furniture, it helps to put the icing on the cake and complete the look of your living space.

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