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Buying Guide: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, which is the Best Mirror of them All?

Our collection of mirrors at is diverse and exciting, with a variety of traditional and modern styles, all kinds of shapes and sizes, and some unique functional pieces. Not only does a mirror help you brighten a room and make it feel bigger, but they can add personality to any room! If you’re mirror shopping, there are a few things you need to know – both about mirrors and about yourself as a buyer. Mirrors are practical assets in any space, but they can (and should) be considered décor as well. Keep reading to discover our Buyer’s Guide to the Aosom mirror collection!

Kleankin-Brand Bathroom Vanity Mirror from

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to deck out your bedroom with a dressing mirror, or a business owner with a need to make your space feel open and airy, we’ve got solutions for you. The mirror collection at Aosom is home to a wide variety of functional and fashionable mirrors for your home, office, showroom, store, café, restaurant, or any other open, stylish space!

Let’s say, for instance, that you just bought your first house. You’ll need a dressing mirror for the bedroom, so you can look your best every day (or admire your crazy Sunday morning bedhead)! You may also want a mirror nightstand, a vanity mirror, or a medicine cabinet with a mirror. It will also be important to make the most of your space by hanging a mirror or two throughout your living spaces, both to brighten the space with reflected light, as well as to reflect the space back on itself to make it feel a bit bigger. The kitchen might need a little bit of sprucing up with a stylishly framed mirror over the sink, or maybe the hallway feels small, so you want a mirror to make it feel a bit broader. These are all important considerations style and design elements to take into account as a homeowner or renter!

On the other hand, you might be shopping for commercial mirrors to fill out your showroom, business space, or corporate office. Bigger spaces require different design elements to be taken into account, including size, shape, color and style. Placement is also a consideration, so if you’re trying to find a mirror for a specific spot on your office wall, you’ll want to take into account the surrounding décor elements. For example, if you’re hanging a mirror above a piece of furniture, it’s a general design rule to choose a mirror that’s smaller than the piece below it. When shopping for commercial mirrors or decorating larger spaces, it’s crucial to keep in mind the scale and the congruency between various features of your mirror and the wall on which you want to install your mirror.

No matter your needs, desires or design dreams for your new mirror, the Aosom mirror collection has countless options that are sure to suit your decorative and functional goals. Read on to find out how to choose the best mirror for your space!

How to Choose The Best Mirror for Your Space

"Solar" Mirror
“Solar” Mirror

When it comes to choosing the right mirror for your space, you might be thinking, Isn’t this the easiest part? I’ll just pick one I like–right? Mirror shopping may be more complex than you may think. That’s why we’re here to walk you through exactly how to pick the best mirror for your space! Read on to learn the best advice from professionals.


As discussed above, if you’re hanging a mirror over a piece of furniture, it’s a general rule of thumb to choose a mirror that’s smaller than the piece below it. Buying a mirror that’s too big can take over the desired vibe, but a right-sized mirror allows you to “layer a lamp and décor on top of the piece and create a balanced vignette.” Hanging a mirror on a wall is a great way to open up the space, but make sure you have a few inches of wall space on each side so as not to overcrowd a narrow wall.

Bathroom mirrors can be relatively standardized, but you’ll be limited as to your options if you’re remodeling – because you’ll have to take into account the current electrical work and sink placement. If you’re doing a new build, however, don’t hesitate to use that freedom to your benefit and try out two smaller mirrors, different sink placements or even add lights to your mirrors. The size of your bathroom mirror can make or break the vibe you’re going for, by either making the furnishings seem comically large, or risking the appearance that the designer just slapped a giant mirror onto the wall for practicality’s sake.


The shape of the mirrors you install in your space are not only relevant to the style you’re trying to achieve, but the shape of the mirror will interact with the shape of other assets in the room. For example, a dresser with rigid corners would look great contrasted with a round mirror, whereas a dresser with a soft silhouette might look better with a rectangular mirror. In the bathroom, the shape of your mirror can be greatly influenced by the existing lighting in the space. A small circular mirror might work if you have an abundance of natural light, but if your bathroom is relatively dark, you might like a larger rectangular mirror to brighten up the space.


Kleankin-Brand Bathroom Mirror from
Kleankin-Brand Bathroom Mirror from

If you’re starting from scratch with décor, you have quite a bit of freedom to choose the style of mirror you’d like to purchase. However, if you’re adding a mirror to a space that’s already been decorated, you’ll need to take into account the other elements in the space. Most professionals suggest choosing a simple mirror for your bathroom, due to the presence of plumbing, lighting, cabinets and other bathroom amenities. If you want something fancier, that traditional wooden-framed mirror might be great as a statement piece in your living room or hallway!

Regardless of your décor goals, choosing the right mirror is a crucial part of completing and tying together a room’s look. Contact our professionals with any questions you may have and we’ll help you find the perfect piece for your space!

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