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Product Comparison: Find the Best Accent or Console Table for You

 Console and Accent Tables: Which Style is Right for Your Home?

If you’re in the middle of a home décor project and are looking for some accent furniture, you might be considering buying a console table. Bringing one of these into your home will surely add to your home’s aesthetic, along with providing you with some much-needed additional storage. They’re great at lighting up the spaces around them and can be used for a variety of purposes.

While it’s easy to assume a console table is just a simple piece of furniture, they’re actually more complex than that. There are different styles, sizes, shapes, and purposes based on what you need them for — which can easily lead any shopper to be overwhelmed! You might be surprised at the amount of variety that’s out there, which is totally understandable. This guide is intended to help you with your decision, and help you find your perfect console table.

Here are a few great examples of console tables that you might love for your space:

Monarch 44” Contemporary Sofa Console Table

This beauty is the perfect example of the all-purpose console table. It’s designed elegantly but has a simple presence, making it a good fit for any theme of home décor. The tapered legs are solid and sturdy thanks to the high-quality construction and materials, and the dark taupe color scheme is a perfect neutral match for any surrounding colors. This beauty is versatile as well as functional and can double as an entryway or buffet table if you so desire. Its lower storage shelf is a great place for stowing away items quickly, and it would look beautiful holding a vase or candle arrangement!

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Why We Love It:

Sturdy construction

Elegant finish

Can be used for any purpose

Blends well with any color theme

Take Note:

Be sure to measure your space to accommodate 44-inch length

Less storage options than some other models

Monarch 36” Transitional Half-Moon Accent Console Table

This accent style console table is a great option if you’re looking for a versatile piece. Its stunning cappuccino finish brings a classy, elegant look to your home, while its unique half-moon shape helps it to stand out from other console tables. The chic, tapered legs are solid and sturdy, and the lower shelf allows you to place extra decorative items below if you wish. Because it’s smaller at just 36 inches long, it can be used for any purpose you need; making it perfect for a variety of placements. This stunningly elegant piece will bring a high-end vibe into your home while simultaneously blending with your existing furniture!

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Why We Love It:

Smooth, sleek cappuccino finish

Unique half-moon shape

Versatile enough for a variety of placements

Lower shelf allows for extra storage or display space

Take Note:

Smaller than some other console tables

Be sure to account for half-moon shape when measuring for space

Monarch 48” Edgy Asymmetrical Base Accent Console Table

This gorgeous piece is the perfect representation of just how creative you can get with your console table purchase. The asymmetrical, angled design gives a modern look, while the dark wood finish helps it to mesh with its surroundings in a truly neutral way. It’s versatile enough to be placed in either a hallway, living room, entryway or dining room, and will stand out just enough to make the rest of the room light up around it. The quality, sturdy construction makes it solid and reliable, and the thick panel design gives it a bold, chunky appearance. With ample surface space you can place anything you like on this table, and if you get creative you can even use the angled bottom for storage or display!

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Why We Love It:

Bold, edgy look

Sturdy, solid construction

Versatile enough to be placed in a variety of settings

Sleek dark wood finish

Take Note:

Heavier than some other console tables

Less storage than some other options

HOMCOM Sofa Console Table

For a minimalist look that also says simple and modern, this sofa table is sure to be a great choice. Its natural wood on black finish it gives a clean, yet trendy appearance, and it’s versatile enough to be placed in either a hallway, entryway, living room, or to be used as a sofa table. The two wide drawers are excellent options for storage of papers, magazines, remotes, or other small items, while the angled pattern below gives it an artistic feel. The ample surface space is perfect for your decorative items, a key bowl, or framed photographs. This beauty will definitely brighten up whichever room you choose it for!

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Why We Love It:

Natural wood on black frame provides a simple, modern look

Can be placed in any area of the home

Additional storage with two wide drawers

Anti-tipping device included for safety

Take Note:

Be sure to account for 47-inch length when measuring space

Weight of unit is 44 lbs.


So, there you go: four great choices of console tables to look beautiful in your home. If you were stuck trying to decide which console table was right for you, hopefully this has helped! All of these console tables and more are available for a great price at Aosom.com.

If you love these console tables and are interested in seeing more styles like them, head over to Aosom.com. They have a wide selection of console tables to choose from in all sizes, shapes, and styles. They ship all orders free, and you’re sure to find a great deal on a console table that you and your home will love!

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