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Product Comparison: The Very Best Recliner for You and Your Home

The Best Recliner Shopping Guide

When it comes to comfortable, multifunctional seating, you just don’t get much better than a recliner. They’re available in nearly every style, size, color and design you can imagine, work in a huge variety of situations, and are built to last. However, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all chair, so we’ve collected some of our favorites with very different characteristics right here. Find the recliner that fits your style, taste, and lifestyle easily!

Why We Love These Recliners

Before we look at some of the specific recliners we love, we should share why we love these kinds of chairs, loveseat recliners and recliner couches so much.

The first is definitely comfort. Sitting in a good recliner is probably the most comfortable you can be, no matter what room you are in! Then there’s quality. A good quality recliner will last for years , saving you money in the long run.

Finally, there’s versatility. There are recliners that are made for every room and purpose you can imagine. Here are a few of the best out there:

Vinsetto Racing Style Gaming Recliner

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This recliner is built for a very specific thing: gaming in comfort and style. It delivers. From the racing seat style design to the color combination and the built in cup holders, everything about this chair is purpose designed. This is a purpose built chair and is made for a very specific type of room and décor, but if you’re a game fan, that’s all good news!

What We Love:

We love the styling of this recliner, and the fact that the back and footrest recline independently, which means you can tailor your seating position to your exact requirements. The reclining angle of up to 135 degrees means you can get the perfect gaming angle, and the cupholders mean you don’t have to interrupt your streak to go to the fridge!

HOMCOM Faux Leather Adjustable Swivel Base Recliner

black leather and wood recliner from

If you’re not a gamer, then the thought of a modern, racing style three tone recliner probably gives you the cold sweats. Don’t worry! There are plenty of understated, elegant options out there, and this faux leather recliner from HOMCOM is one of them! Simple, with clean lines, it doesn’t quite fade into the background, but it also doesn’t make too loud of a statement.

What We Love:

The simple, classic design and color co-ordinate well with a variety of design styles. It’ll be equally at home in your office as it would in the living room. The manual swivel base makes this chair even more versatile. At the same time, the smooth and easy reclining motion and adjustable footrest means you always get the exact position you want. With a full 145 degrees of reclining motion available, there really is a perfect position for everyone.

HOMCOM Luxury Faux Leather Heat & Massage Recliner

Black Recliner from

If you are looking for a power recliner with all the bells and whistles, this faux leather option from HOMCOM is one of the best options out there. In fact, we’d say that this is one of the best options you can find for something like the ultimate home theater room. It’s just got everything you could possibly need for the ultimate movie watching experience!

What We Love:

What’s not to love? From the four stylish colors this comfortable recliner is available in to the chunky yet clean design, this power recliner is everything you could want in elegance, style, and functionality.

Add heating and vibrating massage to the reclining options this chair offers, and you have more than just somewhere to sit. This is an indulgence, in the form of a chair.

HOMCOM Leather Swivel Heated Massage Recliner

Cream colored Heated Massage Recliner from

If you want a recliner than looks as little like a recliner as possible, you can’t go wrong with this heated massage recliner from HOMCOM. The styling is sleek and modern, and the simple base design looks great while providing a smooth and easy swivel motion.

What We Love:

The separate chair and footstool ottoman means that no matter how tall or short you are, your footrest will always be in the perfect position. This chair is stylish and features a simple design. It’s also available in six designer colors, so there’s one to suit most tastes and styles. The heating function, 10 point massage system and 145 degree reclining angle mean this chair really does offer maximum relaxation.

HOMCOM Leather Recliner Sofa

Black Leather Recliner Sofa from

If you want a leather recliner that doesn’t look like a recliner, you’ve found it. This simple, overstuffed sofa design looks just perfect in the living room or in front of the fire. It looks chunky, cozy, and comfortable, and that’s exactly what it is. There are no electronics with this chair, but if you just want solid simplicity, that’s not a problem.

What We Love:

We love that this chair looks like any other armchair. Which means it will look perfect in your living room. We also love that it’s covered in easy to clean PU leather, and that it’s available in black, brown, and grey, so you can match it to your style. It’s a simple, solid, reliable, and comfortable recliner, and that’s always a good thing.

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