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Choosing the Best Gamer Chair for your Gaming Rig

Which is the best Gamer Chair for and your Gaming Rig?

Regardless of whether you play on a PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or something else — where you’re sitting will definitely make a huge impact on your gaming experience. And this is particularly true for PC gaming, for optimized ergonomic reasons and overall comfort.

If your chair is uncomfortable, your gaming experience will be less satisfying as well — and the last thing you want is to spend days buffing up your character just to lose out on a crucial raid because you threw your IRL back out with “gamer’s hunchback”. If you don’t invest a high-quality, well-designed gaming chair, that may very well happen.

On the other hand, if you get a swanky, cool chair that was meticulously designed to improve your gaming performance — you can take your “Leet” awesomeness to the next level. However, the problem with gaming chairs is that most of them look cool, but vary widely in design and quality — so how can you be sure that you’ve chosen the right one?

Don’t worry, as we’ll go through the different kinds of gaming chairs you can find, and some of the most important features to consider right here!

Different kinds of gaming chairs

The main way in which the design of gaming chairs can differ is in regards to whether they were created for PC gaming or console gaming.

PC gaming chairs

Black Blue and White PC Gaming Chair by
Black Blue and White PC Gaming Chair by

Basically, PC gaming chairs are buffed-up computer chairs — which makes sense, considering that most people don’t strictly use their computers for gaming, office work, and Internet browsing. And it makes sense, seeing as desk office chairs were what the first PC gamers first used. A quick look at any ergonomic office chair is enough to reveal similarities with PC gaming chairs.

Of course, there are also some key differences that separate the average office chair from the average gaming one. First, most gaming chairs have bucket-style racing seats whose design was borrowed from race cars and jets. While it gives gaming chairs some aesthetic flair that’s in line with the exciting activity gamers use them for, it also gives gaming chairs extra support & cushioning.

Also, armrests on gaming chairs tend to be height-adjustable and frequently have more lumbar support than the office variety. And the most advanced models have additional features like built-in speakers and cup holders. Some even have heating and massage options built in!

Hybrid Chairs

Grey Office Chair by
Grey Office Chair by

The third and increasingly popular variety of gaming chairs is the so-called hybrid chair — a combination of the previous two types that we’ve examined here. Unlike the console gaming chair, it’s situated on a swivel that you’d find in an office chair. However, it’s also got the seat shape and amount of padding you’d expect from a console-centric recliner.

While we consider the most advanced and expensive models to be overkill, you can find some with monitor support, surround sound speakers, and even game control peripherals. The most popular one is a steering wheel for racing games that also fits the overall racing-chair aesthetic pretty well.

Office or Casual Chairs

Black Office Recliner Chair from
Black Office Recliner Chair from

It’s important to note that plenty of gamers don’t need to lay down money for a top-end gaming chair — or even a chair specifically designed for gaming. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should use any old chairs, but you’ll definitely see plenty of people using standard office chairs for PC gaming.

Plus, it’s important to note that office chairs are a good solution for PC gamers who are on a budget — especially because they’re useful beyond gaming. You can use them in your home office, for example. And bean bag chairs are a staple of any office rec room or fun living room — though it should be noted they usually take up a lot of space, and have to be regularly replaced because they’re easily worn out.

Of course, casual gamers can also buy a mid-range gaming chair that doesn’t have a ton of custom features and tech but is still more comfortable than the average office chair.

Console Gaming Chairs

These gaming chairs are designed to be used exclusively for consoles from the ground up. Usually, they are modified recliners but set on the floor without any base. It should be noted that this variation of gaming chairs is less popular because most people simply use their living room couches or armchairs when playing consoles.

However, console gaming chairs do have some useful features for gaming rooms — most of them can rock back and forth, and they’ve also got side pockets for game controllers. And while some come with built-in speakers, most simply have a headphone jack.

Obviously, the shape of this chair makes it a poor choice for PC gaming — it has no elevation to speak of, and the rocking feature wouldn’t be much use in front of a computer.

How to pick the best gaming chair

There are a few crucial factors to consider while browsing for gaming chairs, or computer chairs in general. The two most important are comfort and quality.

Most gamers that are ready to invest in a gaming chair already spend a lot of time in their gaming sessions. This means you want ergonomic features that allow you to be comfortable without spoiling your posture — mesh siding, neck and backrests, lumbar support, etc.

On the other hand, even a mid-range gaming chair can be a sizable investment, if significantly less than the PC hardware component in terms of price. That’s why you want to get one that was made with sturdy manufacturing materials, allowing years of use before thinking of a replacement.

Don’t forget to consider:

  1. Consider the material (fabric, leather, faux leather) before choosing a chair for you
  2. Look for a chair that’s the most ergonomic for your gaming platform of choice
  3. Set a budget for your chair before you start browsing
  4. Then go to to find the best deals on your next gaming chair!

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