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Product Comparison: Which Rocking Toy is the Best to Buy for My Child?

Choosing the best rocker toy for your child depends on several factors, including his or her age, weight and level of activity, as well as where you plan to put it and whether or not you plan to move it around much.

Aosom carries a wide variety of rockers, hobby-horses, walking ride-on horses, along with dozens of styles. You’ll find everything from a convertible frog rocker that turns into a dolphin slide to a super cute plush triceratops that roars, to a whole batch of pink and curly unicorns and princess ponies for that your little fan of magic and fantasy. You’ll even find realistic looking rockers with wheels, sound effects and a saddle just waiting to ride!

Types of Rocking Chairs

If your child is still quite small, you’ll probably want a plush rocker toy with a gentle motion, good padding, and high sides so the baby or toddler is safe and protected. Here’s a great one:

Qaba Kids Plush Ride On Rocking Horse Airplane Chair with Nursery Rhyme Sounds

Airplane Toddler Rocker from Aosom.com
Airplane Toddler Rocker from Aosom.com


  • Plays a sing-along nursery song for added fun
  • Plush fabric and wood combination makes it a soft yet sturdy choice for young children
  • Easy grip handles footrests and seat belts ensure a safe and secure ride
  • Soft plush for added comfort and support
  • Fun car shape and bright colors make it a highly appealing choice for young children
  • Enjoyable rocking motion will hold a child’s attention offering maximum staying power in a toy

If your child is older (in the 6-to-12-year range) you’ll probably want to look at walk-on rider style rockers. These rockers tend to be taller and more robust to carry the height and weight of a larger child and can move forward with the momentum of your child’s actions on it. We love this sweet little pony rocker with the purple saddle – now that’s a statement!

Qaba Kids Plush Mechanical Walking Ride on Horse Toy with Wheels – Pink

Pink Wheeled Rocking Horse from Aosom.com
Pink Wheeled Rocking Horse from Aosom.com


  • Combines a classic plush horse look with updated interactive features
  • Makes realistic neighing and galloping sounds when the ears are pressed
  • Softly padded polyester plush body and comfortable riding saddle
  • Durable four-wheeled design for endless hours of comfortable rides around the house
  • Weighs just 14 pounds and supports up to 110 pounds
  • Recommended for ages 36-96 months old
  • Batteries are required and included for sounds
  • NOTE: Please ensure your child meets all size criteria. Because this toy is powered by your child’s physical movement it is best suited for children over 35 lbs. and 36” tall.

For the energetic toddler who’s into adventure and loves to climb, jump and explore, you may want to consider the spring action rocker with its bouncy up and down motion and solid four cornered based. This rocker can really get moving, but its base makes it more stable than the larger rocking horses.

Qaba Durable Kids Plush Spring Style Horse Bouncing Rocker Toy with Realistic Sounds

Rocking Horse from Aosom.com
Rocking Horse from Aosom.com


  • Comfortably rocks back and forth
  • Durable lightweight frame
  • Soft plush seat allows for hours of fun
  • Solid metal frame with springs to keep it bouncing
  • Push the ear for authentic sounds
  • Simple assembly is required
  • Recommended Ages: Kids 3 years and up

Rocking Horse and Rocker Sizes

Of course, it’s important to check your space and make sure you have room for a rocker, especially if you’re considering one of the larger ones.

Rockers are measured by the height of the seat from the floor as well as overall dimensions and the size of the actual seat. Seat height can range from as low as 10 inches to as high as about 25 inches. Remember that a rocker that is hard for a child to climb onto is also hard for a child to climb down from, so make sure you buy a rocker that isn’t too big for your little one.

Seat sizes will vary as well, ranging from flat wooden bench seats to plush, high sided seats that are wide enough to a baby or toddler to snuggle into. Many of the plush rockers also have high sides, to keep your young ones from falling out easily.

The largest rocking horses have seats large enough for kids up to 12 years old, and are taller and heavier as well. These walking rid-on rockers will take up more room in your child’s room, so be sure to measure your space before you purchase!

If you’re planning to take the rocker along with you when you’re off to gran’s or on a trip, opt for a lightweight rocker and be sure to measure your car space as well, so you don’t end up with an errant handle sticking out your window!

Some Quick Selection Tips to Remember

  1. Make sure the size of the product fits your child before purchasing. Make sure you’re choosing a rocker that is not too big for your small child, or too small for your toddler or elementary school student.
  2. We use several terms interchangeably at Aosom to describe rocking horses. Besides ‘rocking horses’ you may see ‘rockers,’ ‘hobby-horses,’ ‘walking ride-ons,’ and ‘walking rolling toy.’ These are all types of rocking horses on Aosom and offer all the great fun you’re looking for.
  3. You can customize our vintage-style wooden rockers with wooden plank seats with a pattern that you choose.
  4. Do not let multiple children use your rocker at the same time. All rockers have a maximum weight capacity in their descriptions, so be sure to check it and follow the recommended guidelines.
  5. Be sure to check the features for each rocker you’re considering – many have audio features like animal sounds, music, or nursery rhymes. Some are also convertible from rockers to wheeled riders.

Ok then, you’re ready. No matter which rocker you end up with, you’re sure to delight your child with years for fun and adventure. You’ve got the knowledge, the tips and some great ideas, so have fun, and have fun making your choice!

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