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Buying Guide: The Best Rocking Horses for your Kids

With all the fun that kids have with a rocking horse or other rocking toy, it’s no wonder they’re a classic! Here at Aosom we know that rocking toys are one of the most enduring popular toys of all time. If you, or someone you know, had a rocking horse when you were a child, chances are that you still have fond memories of it today. Rocking horses are also important in helping develop a baby’s sense of balance and movement, while also promoting coordination and motor skills through play.

Designed for years of rocking fun, today’s rocking horses are made from wood, padded vinyl and soft, coated fabrics so they can last toddlers for years.

Rocking toys come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Because rocking horses are so enduringly popular, there are dozens of companies making and selling them.

However, not all rocking horses are created equal. You’ll want to be sure to check the sturdiness, stability, mobility and size before making your final decision. To help you make your choices, we’ve put together a handy Aosom Buyer’s Guide. Take a look, and then enjoy shopping shopping for your toddler’s next favorite toy!

Types of Rocking Horses

There are two main categories of rocking horses, and plenty of styles to choose from.

Rocker Bar Rockers

Wooly Mammoth Rocker Toy from
Wooly Mammoth Rocker Toy from

Rocker bar toys are by far the most familiar type of rocking horse. Rocker bars are more traditional and are often found on the more classic style rocking horses. They are made by joining cardboard, wood, or plastic panels together to form the horse’s body. The horse’s head and tail are usually painted on or made from textiles or molded plastic. Many rocker bar toys come in the shape of other animals than horses. Dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, bugs, etc. The possibilities are almost endless!

Rocker bars let the child’s weight and movement power this type of rocker, moving it gently back and forth in a swinging motion. Rocking horses with rocker bars roll rotate about 35 – 45 degrees backwards and forwards when a child leans into the direction.

Rocker bars promote balance and coordination while also providing an outlet for stress, often helping to calm an over-stimulated child.

Walking Ride-On Rockers

Rockers with wheels usually have legs that widen outwards when your little one bounces up and down, ensuring motion without actually letting your little cowboy or girl get too far away from you. These rockers can be a great way for an energetic kid to release some of that pent up energy!

These rockers let your little one explore instead of staying in one place, and some parents have even converted this style into a type of stroller!

How Stylish Can a Rocker Be?

Pink Wheeled Rocking Horse from
Pink Wheeled Rocking Horse from

Both mobile and solid rocking horses come in a wide variety of styles. Some rocking horses are as simple as stuffed animals with a seat, while others are much more elaborate. Mobile rocking horses may have movable arms, legs, ears, and eyes. Others can resemble miniature wooden cars. Still others look like animals, and all styles may come with audio effects, sounds or music.

Some of the most popular styles of rockers include:

  • Plush animals with padded seats and soft, cuddly sides.
    These are great for younger children, as they tend to be especially welcoming and whimsical.
  • Plush Walker Ride-On Rocker Horses 
    This adorable mix of traditional rocking horse style with plush comfort and fun movements is a favorite with kids everywhere, and parents will love it too. These fun and super friendly walking rockers are packed with personality, making it a great choice for an active child who needs an outlet for his or her energy sometimes.
  • Classic Style Wooden or Plastic Rocker Bar Rocking Horse 
    When you think of rocking horses, this classic white wooden rocker may be the first image that pops into your head. Made with a wooden base and clean, simples lines, this is the original hobby-horse style and goes with any playroom. It’s also light and easy to move around, so it’s a great one to pick up for the grandparents to keep handy as well
  • Spring Action Bouncing Rocker Horses A variation of the rocker bar rocking horse, spring action rockers are also quite popular for those energetic kids who love to giddy-up! These bouncy rockers sit inside a sturdy metal frame with heavy duty springs on the corners. Any little rider can make these move, but they’re strong enough to handle strong bouncing too. The four-legged base helps keep the rocker from tipping sideways even if the rider is leaning into a curve!

How to Choose the Perfect Rocker for Your Child

Airplane Toddler Rocker from
Airplane Toddler Rocker from

Kids have a fantastic relationship with their rocking horses. They think they’re real, and they love them. And rocking horses, unlike, say, Legos, really last a long time. A well-made wooden rocking horse can last until the kids outgrow it.

Where you want the horse to be used, of course, will help determine its size. How big a horse do you need it to get around? How high do you want it to be? How stable do you want it? (A rocking horse that’s harder to get on is harder to get off. Rocking horses come in a variety of sizes.

Traditional rocking horses range from 40 to 60 inches tall. Most modern rocking horses are 30 to 50 inches tall. Rocking horses have a variety of seat sizes. Small rocking horses have seats that are appropriate for children aged 2 and under. Medium-size rocking horses have seats that are appropriate for children aged 3 to 5.

Large-size rocking horses have seats that are appropriate for children aged 5 and older.Many horses are 16″ to 20″ tall. Kids use them for balance, and for riding. The 16″ ones are good for kids under 3, the 18″ ones for 3 to 5 year olds, and the 20″ ones for 5 to 8 year olds.

Some horses are 24″ high, though they tend to weigh a lot more and are harder to balance. A horse’s shape also determines how well it balances. How wide is it? How stable is it? A horse that’s too wide won’t balance well, and won’t be comfortable for the child. A horse that’s too stable (so that it’s too stable) won’t balance well, either.

Most children will cherish a plaything as part of their growing years, which makes rocking horses an ideal gift Rocking horses are one of the most enduringly popular toys of all time. Start with our wide variety of rocking toys at!

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