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Friendly Tips For Choosing the Best Event Tent That’s Heaven Sent

Do you know what kind of tent you need for your next party or event?

At, we have have a wide selection of canopy and party tents, along with awnings, shade umbrellas and shade sails  that can all give the overhead coverage you need for your next get-together and large event. From small, backyard BBQs to large, corporate parties, music festivals and job fairs and everything in between, we have different types of tents that offer the size and price points that you are looking for to successfully pull off your next event big or small.

Types of Tent

For a small get together you might just need one, or a few of the same kind will easily expand your coverage and maintain the same look or feel. Don’t be afraid to get creative and combine different types of tents to best fit your needs

Pop-Up Frame Tents

Popup frame tents are great for all kinds event events at homes, parks, or other outdoor spaces. Most have adjustable height settings and  come in various sizes and a wide swath of colors.  They are one of the most versatile and have a lower price point and are not surprisingly, a quite popular choice for all kind of events. Because of their easy assembly and light weight, they can be set on home decks, over entry ways and pretty much anywhere you can find somewhat even ground. These tents are also very helpful in events where various locations are being used since they can be collapsed moved and then set up in the new area where they are needed next!

Large Fix-Frame Tents

Large fixed framed canopy tents are excellent for music festivals, corporate events, birthday parties, company picnics, and more. These tents require a little more work when setting them up but come with a more polished look and can fit more people inside, of course. Some have nice features like church-style “windows” to add light and style to the interior. Some models the sides are optional so you can set them up to best fir your needs and to fit the current weather patterns.

Gazebo-Style Tents

Gazebos offer versatile overhead coverage with the added style and panache fitting a place where a small band or musician might be performing, where a wedding vows might take place or some other special happening. These gazebos are surprising affordable and can easily be repurposed well after the event is over in your back yard or garden area. A great place to dine under as well!

The Right Size

What size tent should you get? Decide what all you would like to happen inside the cover of your new tent. If  it just a station for food and beverage, the tent does not need to be so large. For standing event you will want around 9-11 square feet per person, roughly. For seated events make sure you know the size of your tables, and how many chairs around each one. If you are providing shelter from showers, you’ll want to plan on having enough test space for every guest.

The Right Price

Are you trying to decide if you want to buy or rent your next event tent? In almost all scenarios it is cheaper to buy your own than to rent. If you are willing to do the work of setting it up and taking it down, you’ll find the cost of owning your own tent can be close to the same price as the rental. If you use the tent more than once it is very much worth it to buy your own tent versus renting one. Aosom has amazing prices on all kinds of tents and with late summer markdowns and clearance, you will find some great deals, all year ‘round but especially now.

Editor’s Note: A Big Thank you for the featured top photo by Askar Abayev from Pexels

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