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5 Top-Reviewed Summer Essentials For Living Your Best Outdoor Life

We’ve put together a quick-hit-list of 5 crowd-pleaser products to make your summer even better. We selected some of our customer favorites, that had reviews, generally, of 4.7 or higher. Look for some most-loved items from outdoor patio, gardening, and bike trailer products. You will find snapshots of our customer reviews and along with some pictures to help you get a sense for how they are getting used “IRL”. If something piques your interest, you can always go to the product page and see what even more people have to say to get an even better sense for if these sweet summer finds might work for you.  

1. A Surprisingly Affordable Chic Gazebo

We are just as excited as our customers when it comes to how good a value this 13’x10’ gazebo is. For a lot less than a lot of competitor models, we like to think being made in the shade is never out of reach. After you are through with the installation, fill the space with your favorite seating arrangement; then you can have an outdoor meal , host your favorite guests, or just get some “me” time, that you’ve been needing.

Michael F, from Philadelphia, found a great place in his back yard for this awesome gazebo, and was kind enough to share a cool time-lapse vide of his installation! Watch the video, below!

As long as you have a good, flat spot to install, these versatile gazebo that can easily help support your next outdoor event. What a perfect place to tie the knot or perform a little outdoor comedy show! You can rest easy knowing that you have an experienced and friendly customer service team to help you if you have any any issues or questions.

2. A Take-Anywhere Picnic Table

Our customers are pleased with how sturdy and portable these little tables can be. They break down to the size of a suitcase and make the perfect companion for camping excursions, trips to the park, or create easy seating in your own back yard. Four seats mean you can get a friendly game of cards going while you enjoy food and beverage. An umbrella hole makes it so you can easily add shade to the experience to shield your head from sun or rain at any time.

This little number has no problem pulling rank and showing off its 4.8 rating.

3. A Bike Ride With Your Best Friend

Proof that all dogs can go to heaven

Our Elite Pet Trailer is the missing link in allowing your pet join you on your best biking travels. Most people use these as dog trailers, but if you have a compliant cat, or other like-size furry friend, this would work great, too.  Many owners of these trailers have expressed their joy in being able to bring their older dog along for rides again as they become tired more easily with age. Read more reviews to see how these dogs joined in on the bicycle journeys of their human friends and pictures to prove it.  

4. A Swing To Your Heart’s Content

A canopy and swing in-one, is just one of the reasons why this porch swing is a great value and an Aosom customer favorite. At the right price point, this swing comes in multiple colors and fits in a wide range of porch and outdoor situations. What better place to shoot the breeze with someone special than a great swing? Lemonade not included but highly encouraged.

5. A Versatile Low-Priced Mini-Greenhouse

This easy “greenhouse” solution kit is highly reviewed and highly effective at shielding your plants from pests this summer, extending your tomato season and protecting little leaves and tender stems from frost this coming fall. Praised as being a hard-to-beat price, this is just one of our affordable gardening products that keeps plants and people happy by extending their growing seasons.

Great for existing gardens, for backyards, or patio potted plants.

In the high dessert it gets cold at night! Brrrr – get a nice “jacket” for your green buddies.

Have an Awesome Summer!

For great-value products for your home, garden, pets, and more, browse our website. If you find something you like and buy it, tell us about it! Reviews always help us grow, and they help other customers so they can find more about a product and if it might work for their needs, too.

Editors Note: We’d like to thank Alan King for taking and sharing the cover photo of that cool sunglasses dog we used.

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