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College Ready: The Ultimate College Dorm Checklist

As parents, we often worry about our kids. It’s natural. But it can be helped. That’s where Aosom comes in. We’ve worked hard to come up with what we think is a list of practical items every college student should have when they go away for college. Some of which are just a click away at This ultimate college dorm checklist article is written towards college students but parents feel free to follow along for the ride.

Getting Your Bathroom in Order: Bathroom College Dorm Checklist

Aosom Bathroom College Dorm Checklist

So let’s start with some of the real basics and these are things like your toiletries and bathroom products. A toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss these are all essential and no-brainers. Need a place to store them? Consider picking up one of our HomCom slide-out cabinets to keep them out of sight but within reach. They’re an ideal way to minimize clutter and organize space.

Back to school College Dorm Checklist on Aosom

A Better Desk Set-up: Desk Supplies College Dorm Checklist

Aosom Desk Supplies College Dorm Checklist

Now in a dorm room you really need to optimize space. There’s not much of it anyway and then you’ll most likely be sharing it with another person. Don’t forget that things can go under beds. You might even consider raising your bed to its full height. This also makes a great hiding spot for security sweeps. When you’ve run out of room under there and shoved in as many things as you can but still need space, our website sells some awesome ottomans with storage inside.

Back to school College Dorm Checklist on Aosom
At some point, once you’re settled in and probably past a couple due dates, you’ll want to start thinking about getting some work done. You’ll need a computer chair to go with that desk and one that won’t make you feel like a broken zombie after a few hours. And you WILL spend at least a few hours at that desk if not more, whether that’s a solid block of studying or catching up on your latest shows. Here’s a mesh adjustable high back chair that even features a headrest so you can find the support you need for your head, back, and neck.

Back to school College Dorm Checklist on Aosom

Speaking of desk, you’ll need one. Sometimes your room will come with one but unless you want to relive the crude scratching’s of Brock Class of ’89 every time you sit down I suggest a simple but elegant workstation desk. At 47 inches it’s just big enough for you to get your work done without overdoing it. The small footprint with large top saves space and looks perfect in any dorm room.

Back to school College Dorm Checklist on Aosom

You’ll probably want to spruce the place up and hang some things on your wall to give it a semblance of home. You could do what everyone else does and hang a tacky bulletin board or make it really look like a place you’d want to hang out in and add a touch of maturity (don’t worry, you won’t actually have to act like an adult) with one of our really cool and really funky Cross Display Wall Shelf. It’s neat, floating appearance with gridded design offers plenty of storage space with a modern, unique look.

Back to school College Dorm Checklist on Aosom

I know I began on a really basic level so here are some more things that you may have thought about and some things that you may have forgotten.  Shampoo and conditioner, lotion, shaving creams, razors, contact solution, deodorant, makeup, makeup remover, makeup remover remover (just made that one up to see if you were paying attention).

Keeping the Germs At Bay: Cleaning Supplies College Dorm Checklist

Aosom Cleaning Supplies College Dorm Checklist

Let’s move on to laundry supplies: Detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, hangers and a laundry bag or basket.

You did remember things like a fridge for storing food, a microwave for cooking meals and a vacuum for clean-up, right? Don’t forget a desk lamp with bulbs or batteries unless you like sitting or doing homework in the dark.

Basically, all you have to do is think of every single thing that’s in your house and think to bring it but also remember that you’ll be cramming it all into a living space the size of only one of your rooms back home. It might help to keep track of what you use throughout a week and make a list of all of those items. Then prioritize the things you use the most.

Now these are just some of the many things that you can do to really add to and maximize your space to make it feel less like the boxy prison it really is. Don’t forget to keep checking for daily updates to our product lines as we add items intended to make your life even better and also as you think of things yourself.

Back to school College Dorm Checklist on Aosom

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Terry Poage
7 years ago

This is a great list. It is easy to forget everything they might need.