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Create A Spooky Haunted House with Blow Up Halloween Decorations

Blow up Halloween decorations for a scary good haunted house!

Spooktober is here! The spookiest month of the year is upon us. October heralds the true beginning of fall, as leaves start changing colors and the days quickly get shorter and colder. It’s time to head off to the pumpkin patch for cider and hay rides, carve those jack-o-lanterns, and get your home ready for trick or treaters!

If you love Halloween (and who doesn’t?), make this your year to bring an extra element of fright and fun to your neighborhood. You can quickly transform your front lawn and home into a spooky haunted house for trick or treaters and party goers with our blow-up Halloween decorations.

Need more ideas for ways to create the ultimate haunted house for your Halloween guests? Check out our Pinterest board here, full of great Haunted House ideas!

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Frightful Friends

Bring home one of these fun inflatable characters and outdoor decorations. Our 10 foot tall inflatable arch is the perfect entryway to your spooky house of horrors. Populate your space with your choice of friendly monsters and pumpkin pals, ominous witches at their cauldron, or menacing ghosties emerging from their pumpkin of doom. Get into the spooky theme with a 6 foot tall light up ghost who looks ready to eat any wayward children, or keep it inviting for little devils with a colorful sugar skull.

Ten Foot Inflatable Outdoor Halloween Archway Featuring Pumpkins, Spooky Silhouettes, and Frankenstein’s Monster

Four Foot LED Lighted Blow Up Halloween Decoration Self Inflating Cheerful Sugar Skull for Day of the Dead Celebration Decoration

Six Foot Outdoor Blow Up Halloween Decoration Featuring a Trio of Ghosts Emerging From a Haunted Pumpkin

Six Foot Tall Blow Up Halloween Decoration Inflatable Spooky White Ghost Light Up Yard Decoration with LED Light

Ghostly Trees

Snag one of these haunted trees for your own front yard! Choose from scary trees with jagged teeth and angry ghost buddies for companions to keep your haunted house full of horror. For a family friendly fright fest, check out our seven foot inflatable tree below- with his cheerful crooked smile and accompanying happy little jack-o-lanterns, friendly ghost, and cute little owl pal, he’s sure to make your guests feel welcome.

Eight Foot Tall Lighted Blow Up Halloween Yard Decoration Featuring Scary Ghost Emerging from Haunted Tree

Eight Foot Tall LED Lighted Self Inflating Blow Up Halloween Decoration Featuring Haunted Tree with Ghosts and Pumpkins

Eight Foot LED Lighted Self Inflating Blow Up Halloween Decor Featuring Scary Tree and Ghosts, Cheerful Jack-O-Lanterns, and Cats and Bats in the Graveyard

Eight Foot Tall Inflatable LED Lit Blow Up Halloween Decoration Featuring a Haunted Tree with Four Friendly Pumpkin Friends

Spooky Skeletons

No haunted house is complete without a spooky skeleton! Our truly terrifying skeletons are sure to satisfy your creepy cravings. Choose from a bad-ass Grim Reaper riding his haunted Chopper of death, or a towering ominous Pumpkin King with eerily extending fingers. Either way, these scary skeletal figures are guaranteed to be the highlight of your haunted house!

7 Foot Long Outdoor Blow Up Halloween Decor Featuring an Ultra-Cool Grim Reaper Riding a Haunted Low Rider Chopper Motorcycle

Seven Foot Tall Outdoor Self Inflating Lighted Halloween Decoration Featuring a Towering Dark Figure with a Skeletal Pumpkin Head

Colossal Cats

Here, kitty kitty! A timeless symbol of Halloween and all things spooky, we’ve got the animal-themed blow up Halloween decorations you’ve been missing! Check out our towering black cat, complete with a mouth full of sharp teeth and bright yellow extended claws- at 10 feet tall, he’s sure to be a show stopper! Or get creative with a five foot inflatable spider with creepy black and white legs that remind us of another spooky icon, Beetlejuice! These animal inflatables are sure to make your haunted house as ferocious as possible.

Five Foot Long LED Lighted Outdoor Blow Up Halloween Decoration Featuring a Ghost, Black Cat, and Pumpkin with an Inflatable BOO

Ten Foot Tall Lighted Self Inflating Blow Up Halloween Decoration Featuring a Huge Menacing Black Cat with Yellow Claws

Six Foot Long Lighted Inflatable Halloween Yard Decoration Featuring a Giant Black Cat That’s Ready to Pounce

Not a Cat: Five Foot Long Inflatable Halloween Decoration Featuring a Giant Spooky Spider with Beetlejuice Legs and a Psychadelic Body

Happy Halloween from your friends at Aosom!!!

Don’t forget to shop our Happy Halloween Sale now through the end of October to take an extra 8% off sitewide using code Happy8. Or, take an extra 12% any purchase over $199 using code Happy12!

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