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Aosom Elite II Dog Stroller Voted Top-Ranked Product by Pet Life Today

PORTLAND, August 2017 – New ranking by Pet Life Today places the Aosom Elite II Dog Stroller among the top of its class in the ultra-competitive category of pet strollers for dogs.

Pet Life Today is a leading resource for pet information and care, written to help improve the life of both pets and owners around the country. Aosom is thrilled to have been selected by Pet Life for having a product which ranks among the best in its class.

When it comes to pampering and protecting our furry friends while out and about, Pet Life Today agrees that your pet should ride in style with the Aosom Elite II Dog Stroller. Whether you’re protecting your dog’s feet, keeping them out harm’s way, or helping an old pet get out and smell the roses, the Elite II Dog Stroller creates an easy and convenient rolling carrier.

Growing up I remember running daily with my dog, a border collie/blue heeler mix, but as the years went on, she found it harder and harder to keep up. I would take her on walks, but even then the gravel hurt her feet and her hips were visibly in pain. With a Dog Stroller, keeping the routine of walking your dog is now easy, fun, and convenient and your dog will be happier and healthier with every breath of fresh outdoor air.

From petite to large dogs up to 88lbs, sensitive paws, arthritic joints, and skittish social anxieties will no longer keep you and your pup from taking a walk, jog, or run together.

About Aosom

Aosom is a premier name in home goods and furnishings, providing nearly everything for the home, inside and out.

For press inquiries, contact Assistant General Manager Todd Koehler via marketing[at]aosom[dot]com.


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Mzuri dogs
5 years ago

Amazing tool for Strolling