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Glamorous Events and Bragworthy Outdoor Dining for Surprisingly Less

If you are considering hoesting an outdoor event at your home or at a venue. you can save a lot of money by covering some or all of the aspects of the event yourself.  For an event or “party” tent, you can hire out a rental company, but this is expensive and will probably cost you anywhere from $200-$1000, or more, each day, depending on the size of the tent and prices in your city. If you are willing to do the set up and plan on using it more than one time, or for more than one day, buying a party tent is the way to go.  It is the home base of any gathering. Get ready for your wedding, birthday or anniversary party with a great popup tent from Outsunny. Having a tent savegaurds from the chance of bad weather and creates the feel of an indoor space.

For restaurants, this is the perfect time of year to expand outdoor seating. People are eager to dine in the outdoor comfort of spring and summer and some people will enjoy feeling comfortable in the fresh air, especially after a long year of public health concerns over indoor activity.

Some Outsunny tents have instructional videos like this one, for our 10×20 model, which can really help speed up assembly so make sure you check our Youtube channel!

The Grill Drill

No food at your event is a non-starter. Don’t mess around when it comes to having hot vittles for your guests. We have small BBQs and as well as larger units that have smoking capabilities. With a little time and patience for some BBQ smoking, pulled pork sandwiches will knock the socks off your friends and family. Looking for BBQ ideas for your next large gathering? Check out these ideas from the BBQ Chiefs blog.

Cold Drinks

Get a place to store your drinks so they stay icy cold. You and your guests will like cold drinks on a warm day. Trust us on that. For events, getting a cooler with a drainage port is a great way to keep the water out as you add ice in. A cooler with a foosball table built in will amuse and entertain late into the evening – winner takes all!

The Ins and Outs

An arch is a simple way to add some style and to attract people to where you want them to go. Tying balloons to your arch will get people walking toward your event (and not to your front door where you don’t want them). Weddings, outdoor dining, birthday parties, and anniversaries are all great events to host in your back yard or outdoor space. If you are willing to do a little bit of work of the set up and take down, you can save a lot of money.

Take a Seat

What’s just as important as a cover over your head? A place to rest your feet, enjoy some delicious food and have a drink. Aosom has beautiful chairs and table-sets at a top value. Make good use of your seating on your patio when you are not hosting your event.

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