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Outdoor Décor

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The Importance of Outdoor Decor

Your garden, patio and outdoor accessories are at Aosom.com

The best accessories are the ones that best fit the person, room, or landscape. Finding a grouping of complimentary items is what makes a space come alive and gives it character and personality. Sometimes all it takes is one sitting bench to turn a few plants into a garden. The ideal accessory will be the one that best suits your garden and that meets your needs, whether purely aesthetic or functional. We invite you to continue readin.

Floor Tiles

These accessories have several uses - you can use them as decoration, to cover an old, deteriorated floor or to create paths in your garden to avoiding stepping on your flowers or lawn. There are different shapes and sizes, with different joining systems, but a feature they all have in common is that they are all non-slip - safety takes precedence, first and foremost. At Aosom.com, depending on our seasonal stock, you can find wood imitation plastic tiles, easy to assemble with a click system so you will not need any glues, screws or nails.

Benches, Stools and Seats

A place to park your posterior, comfortably, can greatly enhance a garden and help you perform your gardening tasks with more ease. Normally, the ones meant for weeding and gardening are height adjustable and even some have built-in tool bags to be able to have all you need right at hand.

Artificial Grass

No need to limit its placement in gardens - you can also install artificial turf on balconies, terraces, patios, events, or school yards. Artificial turf, whether rolled or in pieces as tiles, has multiple benefit. The prevention of mud or damage to soil is a big one. They can be a great solution for high traffic areas or places where pets frequently walk.

Grass Rollers

If you want to install artificial turf yourself and thus save the cost of a gardener or professional, you must know that for its installation to be correct, you need the terrain to be completely flat. With a lawn roller, it will be easy – you fill it with water or sand to add weight and then get started. You can also use the roller to bury seeds and flatten a newly planted lawn and make sure those new seeds sprout!

Urban Gardeners and Rooftop Orchards

If space is a consideration or you are gardening in the city with little room or free soil, prefabricated planters are a great alternative. Used both indoors and outdoors, there are many sizes, shapes, and functionalities. Small planters usually have a dish to collect excess water. Larger ones have legs so that they can drain without plugging. You can find planters of different materials, with sturdy metal structures and finishes like rattan, which can combine perfectly, if you have a garden set of matching material. You can find planters that are sold individually, or together. The raised leg models, in addition to the cultivation of flowers and plants, are also functional to use as tree planters. In them, you can grow flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

Cooling and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

The same system that serves both for automatic irrigation in small gardens can also be a cooling system to the face and body on hot summer days. These systems are easy to assemble. If you mount them in an open outdoor greenhouse or hang them from any structure, you will get an ideal water mist to keep any outdoor environment cool. Who is signing up for a barbecue this summer?

Hoses and Hose Reels

A hose allows you to clean (water resistant) objects on your patio, water the flowers, water your garden, water your urban orchard and even wash your car. There are different thicknesses, shapes, and lengths. For hoses that have a considerable length, we recommend using a hose holder. These hose reels are sometimes simple mounts for your hose to hang by but can also be more elaborate with an automatic roll-up system and already carry a built-in hose. There are models that have a swivel support, which allows an increase in hose range, in addition to saving space.

Other accessories

A back yard can be customized in endless ways. The cushions you choose for your garden furniture, the lamps you want, or even an awning can be an accessory. We encourage you to look at the other categories on our online store. We are confident that you will find other products to make your space, truly yours. Have fun with it! If you have questions, we hope you will not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to help you!

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