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Patio Trends of 2019 to Update Your Outdoor Space

The Patio: It’s a place of relaxation, a gathering place for friends and family, an event space for parties, a quiet nap nook. Your patio is possibly the most versatile space in your home. Is your patio ready for an update? Keep reading to find out more about the latest patio trends to freshen up your outdoor space!

With summer upon us, we’re all feeling that urge to get outside more. There’s nothing quite like kicking back in your own private outdoor oasis with a cold beer or frosty margarita. My favorite part of summer is lounging on my patio in my vintage wicker armchairs, adult beverage in hand, dogs at my feet. You can catch me out there all summer reading books, annoying the neighbors with my unfortunate musical tastes, or yukking it up with friends. To spice up my outdoor space this year, I’m checking out these patio trends for outdoor decor inspiration.

Our Favorite Patio Trends to Try This Year


Outdoor lighting is all the rage this year. Great lighting makes your patio space super useable, safe, and inviting. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to update your patio. Since I have a small space, I’m looking at putting up some strings of fairy lights. If you have a larger area, opt for longer strings of naked bulbs, or put up poles to create a lighted outpost in your backyard. Look for LED lights that can be controlled by your phone for maximum convenience.

Dual Purpose Furniture

Functionality in design is experiencing a revival, which is good news for those of us with small spaces. Storage benches and poufs or ottomans that can pull double duty as tables all provide functional versatility. These pieces help you make the most out of a smaller patio space, and their dual functionality makes them more wallet-friendly, too.

Fire Pits

Who can resist that primal draw to a fire? Fire pits make an ideal focal point to any patio. Both decorative and functional, fire pits give your guests a place to gather. They also let you extend your patio season into the cooler fall months, as you can cozy up around the fire when the nights start to get chilly.

Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

This trend has been steadily growing in popularity the last few years. Don’t waste precious daylight trekking back and forth to the kitchen this summer. From elaborate outdoor kitchens to casual bar carts, the possibilities are endless. For some outdoor kitchen inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here.

Mix and Match Materials

Matching is so last year. Don’t be afraid to mix metal and wood for an industrial look, or wicker with ceramics for a softer style. Creating visual contrast adds a dynamic element to your patio space. To contrast with my wicker furniture, I picked up a chic dark grey ceramic planter for my lavender plant, Loretta. Because how are you supposed to talk to your plants if they don’t have names?

Accent Pieces and Pops of Color

Tasteful, muted neutrals will never go out of style. Adding a pop of color with funky throw pillows or bright cushions will liven up your patio and keep your look up to date. Fun accent pieces like a dramatic plant stand or elaborate end tables can really make your patio pop (without breaking the bank).

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Need some inspiration? Check out these posts from Hayneedle and Elle Decor to learn more about current patio trends. Check our Pinterest Patio Updates board here to find even more ideas and products to make your summer Aosom!

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