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Get Your Home Ready For Halloween

Get into the Fall Festivities

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to get spooky! Whether you’re planning a party or getting ready for the onslaught of trick or treaters, you’ll need some great decor to set the mood.

Your house is the focal point of your Halloween festivities, but you don’t need to spend a lot to have a great display. The great thing about Halloween is that it’s inherently kitschy and over the top. Mix and match your old decorations with some spooky new inflatable yard decorations to achieve the haunted house look of your dreams!

This year, don’t just settle for the basics. Jack O Lanterns are a staple Halloween decoration, especially for the more artistically inclined among us. Try using battery powered tea lights to keep your pumpkins lit all night long. LED fairy lights can be used to illuminate your outdoor decor by wrapping them around trees, pumpkins, or doorways. Break out your fake cobwebs and plastic spiders, then punch it up with inflatable props from HomCom. Whether you’re going for a scary haunted house or a cheerful harvest celebration, it’s time to take your fall decor to the next level.

Plan Your Halloween Haunted House

Ready to get spooky? Turn your yard into a haunted habitat for ghosts, ghouls, and goblins this Halloween. You’ll find tons of fun inflatables on our website, including witches, ghosts, and grim reapers on motorcycles. These decorations self-inflate in minutes, making them quick and easy to set up in your yard.

Our inflatable outdoor decorations range in size up to 8 feet tall and are equipped with interior LED lights to keep them illuminated during dark fall evenings. They are made of water-resistant materials to help them stand up to unpredictable October weather. Inflatables are easy to use and even easier to store during the rest of the year. These lightweight decorations deflate to a much smaller size, which can be packed away for next Halloween.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite inflatable Halloween decorations this year:

If you’re looking for something to spice up your Halloween decor this year, look no further than this ultra bad-ass Grim Reaper riding a motorcycle with flames shooting out of the tailpipe. Your yard will definitely stand out from the crowd with this unique inflatable. At over seven feet long, this guy is sure to catch your neighbors’ eye and have the whole block talking!

Sometimes, suspense alone can really set the mood. This subtle and imaginative inflatable Zombie Crossing sign, covered in bloody handprints, will have guests and trick or treaters looking over their shoulders in anticipation. Perfect for haunted houses, this sign lets visitors know that they’re in the scare zone.

Looking for something a little wackier this Halloween? Check out this Tim Burton inspired Spooky Baby inflatable! This not-so-little guy inflates to just over five feet tall. His humongous, skeletal head is both creepy and cute, and looks great when illuminated. This baby is sure to be a hit among young and old visitors alike.

Need something truly creep-tastic for your Halloween party? This Trio of Laughing Ghosts will send shivers down your spine. Standing at a whopping six feet tall, these spirits will intimidate even the most brazen of partygoers. Their eerie glow and sinister smiles will be the highlight of your party.

If you’d rather keep your Halloween display a little more kid-friendly, you’ll love this Monster Pumpkin Party inflatable. Frankenstein’s monster, a witch, and a ghost all welcome guests with cheerful smiles while they party down with some happy little pumpkins. This adorable and wholesome decoration is sure to be a favorite with trick or treaters.

Once you’ve found the perfect inflatables to populate your spooky space, fill out your haunted house with some traditional decorations. Cobwebs, skeletons, bats, and spiders are Halloween classics that can be hung from trees, doorways, or other structures. Attach some speakers to your laptop or iPod and play some horror movie soundtracks, stormy night sounds, or ambient whooshing to set the mood for your guests. Finally, make sure you’ve got the most important part- plenty of candy!

Choose a Great Costume

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be daunting. If you want to do a theme or group costume, try to get your significant other, kids, or friends to join you as The Incredibles, The Avengers, or The Gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Thrift stores can be an excellent source of inspiration. Stores like Goodwill carrying everything from pre-made costumes to vintage items and eccentric accessories. Check Pinterest or Instagram for fun do-it-yourself costume and decor ideas. If you plan on using face paint or a special makeup style, practice it ahead of time so you can get it just right for your Halloween festivities.

When choosing a costume, keep in mind the activity you will be doing, and dress accordingly for the weather. Looking cute or crazy is a lot less fun if you’re cold or uncomfortable all night!

Get Your Pets in on the Spooky Fun

Staying home to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids? Don’t let Fido miss out on the action! There are tons of awesome pet costumes available in stores and online. Help your dog live his dream of being a dinosaur, bumblebee, or hot dog for the day.

Hosting Your Halloween Party

If you’re going all out decorating your house for Halloween this year, then make sure it’s seen by friends and family by throwing a spooky party. The crisp autumn air makes a great climate for one last outdoor shindig. Make sure you’re the host with the most by adding some of these features to your outdoor area:

The focal point of any outdoor gathering, a fire pit is a cool element to add to your space. Fire pits are a great source of light and heat, not to mention entertainment. Pull up a chair and grab some marshmallows to make your own s’more at home!

These quick pop-up tent canopies are a must-have for backyard gatherings. Hang fairy lights and spooky cobwebs to create a central place for snacks and games.

Keep guests from snooping in your kitchen by keeping beverages outside in this rolling ice chest. This heavy-duty cooler cart even has a built-in bottle opener and a storage tray underneath to keep your recycling bin.

Get ready to do the Monster Mash and crank up the beat with this portable Bluetooth speaker system. This speaker with built-in wheels and a handle is meant to go with you while connected to your phone via Bluetooth. You can even attach a mic for karaoke!

Have a Frightfully Fun Halloween!

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