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The Best Kitchen Pantries & Buffets


We all know that cooking can be a chore, and we don’t always have the time to do it. One of the best ways to make eating at home easier and more convenient (always the cheaper option for budget-crunched households) is by having a pantry and/or buffet set up in kitchen or dining room

The kitchen pantry and buffet are central spots for storing dishes and food.  They can vary widely in size, design, storage capacity, construction material, and overall appearance.

Types of Pantry and Buffet in terms of sizes include:

A small buffet cabinet pantry

This buffet is ideal for small homes or condos.  It’s also the best choice to maximize kitchen space in a rental apartment because it can be tucked away under the kitchen sink.

The height of this buffet type is typically around 30 inches tall, perfect for tucking below under-sink cabinets.

 A medium buffet cabinet pantry

This buffet is ideal for large buffet-style feasts.  Some medium buffet cabinets are designed to be floor-standing, while others may sit atop countertops or other furniture. This buffet cabinet is typically the same height as the countertop it’s sitting upon (or broad enough to provide a minimal overhang).

 A large buffet cabinet pantry

This buffet type offers a large storage capacity , so can take up a large footprint in the room, but will provide enough surface area to store dishes and food for a crowd.

Different Types of Pantries and Buffets

Contemporary buffet pantry

These buffet cabinets are built to be aesthetically pleasing. They provide minimal storage space but do have some open shelving to showcase serving dishes and decorations.

Ikea buffet cabinets are a great example of contemporary buffet cabinets.

High-end buffet pantry

This Buffet is ideal for those with larger budgets who want a buffet cabinet that will last for years to come.

High-end buffet cabinets are made of high-quality materials such as cherry, oak, and mahogany wood.

Types of Buffets: Appearance

Under-sink buffet pantry

These buffet cabinets are designed to sit below under-sink kitchen cabinets.  They provide ample storage space in a minimal footprint but only come in buffet cabinet styles.

Sideboard buffet pantry

Sideboard buffet cabinets are buffet-style pieces that contain shelves and drawers for storing dishes and buffet utensils.

The Buffet is typically a stand-alone piece of furniture but can also be tucked against the wall under a buffet cabinet sink.

Buffet kitchen pantry

This Buffet is ideal for maximizing kitchen space.  It provides additional storage in the kitchen and serves as buffet seating when entertainers are cooking or serving food at mealtime.

The Buffet can be built directly into the counters of your kitchen island, with stainless steel buffet legs installed underneath.

Styles of Pantries and Cabinets

A small buffet cabinet pantry

Taking the height into consideration, this buffet type will be suitable for a small condo or apartment. It can provide more space for storage, but it is still not too large to take up much valuable floor space. The buffet height is typically around 30 inches tall, perfect for tucking below under-sink cabinets. You can buy a buffet cabinet to match your furniture or décor in the kitchen because it will not be too large.

 Large buffet cabinet pantry

For large buffet-style feasts, the large buffet cabinet pantry is ideal. Some buffet cabinets are floor standing, while others may sit on top of countertops or other furniture. The buffet cabinet is typically around 36 inches tall, high enough to hold food and dishes without making it too difficult for guests to access the buffet table.

 Contemporary buffet pantry

Contemporary buffet cabinets are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and provide minimal storage space. These buffet cabinets typically have open shelving, making it easy for guests to access serving dishes and decorations.

For people who have small space in the dining room, you can choose a buffet cabinet with an open design, such as a contemporary buffet pantry buffet cabinet. Still, the buffet pantry buffet cabinet is suitable for the buffet dining room.

Wooden buffet pantry

Wood buffet cabinets are commonly used in traditional buffet designs. Contemporary buffet-style tend to be made with wood and glass, but traditional buffet styles can also be found in buffet and sideboard styles made with cherry, oak, and mahogany.

Glass buffet pantry

These buffet cabinets provide a convenient way of showcasing dishes and decorations on the buffet top while giving easy access to stored items.

If you want to keep Buffet in the dining room, you will need a buffet cabinet that looks elegant and luxurious in your dining room, like a glass buffet pantry.

Sideboard buffet pantry

If you want to choose a Buffet that is buffet furniture converted into a buffet cabinet, then a buffet sideboard buffet pantry is a good choice. It has a simple design and small size not to take too much space in your dining room.

Here are some tips on how to get the best pantry and/or buffet combination.

Is Your Kitchen Big Enough?

One of the first things you need to do before getting the pantry and Buffet set up is to measure the space in your kitchen. This way, you can make sure that there is enough room for both pieces. Don’t worry; pantry tables are not very large, so that they will fit into every kitchen.

Matching Tables

One pantry table can’t fit all kitchens, just like how one pantry table can’t fit every pantry! That’s why you should go pantry shopping with a tape measure and list of measurements to compare the tables too. You should consider more than one pantry design out there, so take your time and choose the pantry table that best matches your kitchen. Aosom products will help you get a pantry table of your choice.

Adding Other Features

If you like to cook, then you should add a few pantry accessories while shopping for pantries. Consider adding other pieces such as pot and pan holders, wood racks, and more! Make sure to take your time and choose pantry furniture that will work best for you.

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