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Kitchen Pantry & Buffet Buying Guide

Pantries and Buffets

Pantries & buffets are common kitchen features used to display dishes and food items for guests and provide extra storage. Pantry & buffet cabinets are popular in restaurants because they allow customers to see the food displayed behind glass while protecting the product itself. Most pantry & buffet items are designed to be attached to the wall, but others also come in freestanding floor models.

Pantries and buffets are available in either floor or wall-mounted models. Floor model pantry & buffet products provide more flexibility than wall-mounted models, but both are commonly used in restaurants and other establishments that serve food. Unlike the wall-mounted model, floor-standing pantry & buffets can be moved to different locations within a building. They also do not require much space for installation. Floor models typically feature two doors instead of many shelves like wall-mounted version panty & buffet products. This is usually enough space for restaurant owners because most customers order and eat their food simultaneously, which means there is no need for a pantry & Buffet to hold large quantities of food. Floor model products come with either double or single doors.

Markets for Pantries and Buffets

Due to its many uses, Pantry & Buffet has become helpful to many persons for different purposes.


Domestic chefs typically use Pantry & Buffet for storage and display. For example, they store their flour in the pantry/buffet, so it doesn’t go stale. This increases its shelf life and allows the housewives to access it when needed conveniently. You can also use it to store your food ingredients.


Students could use this for storing their school stuff, such as pencils, books, and snacks. So, you can use it for keeping your snacks and processed foods, like ramen noodles.


The elderly can benefit significantly from using this too. For example, you can place items that they usually need nearby such as tissues, glasses, hankies, etc. This helps them because it allows them to easily access these important things without going out of their way for it.


Kids can benefit too because they will be able to access their snacks easily. You can even use this as a hiding place for your kids because it is commonly mistaken as just an ordinary cabinet, so no one would suspect anything when you keep things inside.


The shopkeeper can also use this for their grocery or provisions. It allows them to easily access their things without having to rummage through the whole store every time someone asks for something.


This is for those who need to store their stuff securely (e.g., those who want to go hiking but don’t want to bring their wallets). It will allow them to leave something valuable safe & secure while they go about exploring the great outdoors. Just make sure it is a locked cabinet if others will be around your stuff.

Uses in Different Situations

There are many situations with its multiple uses when one would want to use a pantry or buffet.

  • During large family gatherings where there are many guests, the pantries and buffets are extremely useful. You can use the pantry for extra dish storage and the buffet for buffet service
  • When having a buffet, or when people are coming over for dinner, the pantry allows extra storage for the additional foodstuffs or leftovers you will need to store.

Tips for Choosing a Suitable Pantry and Buffet

Price Range

The price range of the Pantry & Buffet is different depending on the brand and location or website you purchase it from. They can vary widely in price from under $100 to over $1000 for a large one made of more expensive materials.

Number of Containers

This varies depending on some models, but some contain two containers, and others contain three. It’s recommended to go for a buffet with three containers since it allows you to store more of your food in one place. This is suitable for large families or during family gatherings.

Additional Features

Some buffet models may come with features such as extra-deep containers or dividers if the buffet contains multiple containers. Some also have adjustable feet at the bottom of them, which allows you to keep the buffet stable when it is on a surface that isn’t even. This would be suitable for people going out for picnics.

Materials Used

Some buffet models are made of wood, while others are made from plastic or stainless steel. Some buffet models also have a bottom drawer that allows easy storage and access to your buffet items. Therefore this feature would be suitable for shopkeepers needing to access the goods quickly

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