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Top 5 Tips on Buying an Ironing Board

 No one thinks ironing is fun. In fact, it is one of the more tedious housekeeping tasks known to man; it can only be made better if you have the right equipment to do it faster and more efficiently.  

Unfortunately, people often overlook the importance of ergonomic and sturdy ironing boards.  

Let’s find out the benefits of a quality ironing board and where you can find one! 

Why Is an Ironing Board Important? 

It’s common for people to iron their clothes on any surface. For example, they might use an old table as an ironing board or use their beds if they need a softer worktop. 

The constant exposure to heat isn’t just bad for those surfaces, but also the clothes being ironed; not to mention, it can wreak havoc on your back. 

When you are doing a tedious task like this, comfort is its only saving grace. You don’t want to be arched over a table trying to iron your clothes and have your back give out by the end of it. 

Thirdly, stability is a key factor in an ironing table. You cannot get any work done when you’re spending half your time keeping the table from bobbing and shaking. This will also affect the ironing and risk you burning your clothes while keeping the table from moving. 

Finally, the space. Once you are done with ironing, you would want to pack up the ironing board and put it away, so it does not affect the décor of your room. Unfortunately, tables cannot be stored away and are usually quite heavy.  

5 Tips for Buying an Ironing Table 

Now that we know why getting the right ironing table is essential, buying one is the next step. Consider the following factors before you put down your hard-earned money on one.  


Hunching over the ironing table is never good, especially if you have many clothes to iron. Consequently, if you prefer a seated ironing table but buy one that’s too high, you will not be able to iron any clothes.  

The key to good ironing is comfort. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the height of the ironing table. For example, if you opt for a seated ironing table, the height should be around 60cm. Or you could buy an adjustable one that moves between 90cm to 102cm for a standing table. 


The length of an ironing board is usually not an issue for people who use it sporadically. A longer board can make a difference for professional tailors.  

Longer boards mean you can get a lot of ironing done faster.  


An iron can get as hot as 4500F, which is enough to melt your skin, making it a safety hazard. If the board is not stable, you can risk dropping a hot iron, leading to severe complications. 

When buying an ironing board, put some weight on it to see how sturdy it is and ensure it doesn’t tip over. 


Depending on your house or the room where you will keep your ironing board, it is important to consider space. You can get a large variety of foldable ironing boards and be packed away once ironing is done. This helps you keep the décor of your room without having a stray ironing table in the middle of it. 


The perfect ironing table is lightweight and easy to move around. This way, you won’t have any trouble setting it up as and when convenient. But, a foldable design is even better because you can quickly put it away once you are done. 

Heat Resistance 

Irons get hot, and if your ironing board isn’t suitably heat resistant, there is a chance that you might damage your table. Although ironing boards are not exactly a massive investment like other items, it is still impractical to get a new one every time the old one gets dinked. An ironing board with better heat resistance has a longer lifespan. 

Padding and Covers 

Quality ironing boards already have padding stapled onto them, a cover of heat-resistant fabric on top of it. Thicker padding of 8mm or greater is always better when buying an ironing stand.  

The more expensive versions may have other layers on top of the fabric on top. For example, they could be covered in cotton or silicone to keep the clothes from sticking together when hot and to regulate the heat of the iron.  

Additionally, if the top cover isn’t to your liking and you’d instead get different colors, the furniture manufacturers will likely have several color and fabric options. So, you can buy as many as you like.  


Getting an ironing board might not seem important because, at the root of it, it is just a flat table you use to iron your clothes, and that can be done with any table. That being said, having an ironing board in your house is just as important as having the iron itself. So the next step is to go out there and get an ironing board you like. 

If you are looking for an ironing table for your home, Aosom has got you covered. We offer a wide selection of ironing boards with different heights, weights, and sizes to help you find the perfect ironing board for your house. So visit Aosom and get the ideal ironing table for you.  

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