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The Best Buying Guide for Ironing Boards

An ironing board is just as important as the iron itself. For ease of use, comfort and convenience, the board is almost as important as the iron itself. Buying an ironing board might seem like a simple process, but it is important to consider a number of options before buying an ironing board. 

Many people don’t understand why a proper ironing board is important, until their backs hurt from leaning over a makeshift ironing table. It isn’t until they get tired of makeshift ironing boards that they realize the need for a real, durable, dedicated ironing board.  

Don’t let that be you. Instead, let’s go over what to look for when purchasing an ironing table for your home.  

Things To Consider When Buying An Ironing Table 

Many people use an old coffee table or study table as a makeshift ironing board. This is never advisable because an ironing board is built for a specific, ergonomic purpose. Tables used as ironing boards may not be of the right height, or they may get damaged due to the constant exposure to heat.  

Besides that, modern ironing tables can be folded up and stored away easily. This way, your room doesn’t have to get cluttered down by an old piece of furniture that hampers your style. 

Buying the right ironing board is vital if you want to do get your ironing done quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing the right ironing board for you. These factors include: 


The first thing to take into account is the size of the ironing table. You can get ironing boards in several sizes. However, it’s best to choose an ironing board with the largest surface area. This helps in ironing out your clothes in one go without the need to readjust them repeatedly. If your room allows it, you can get a full-size ironing table up to 4 feet long with 18-inch width. 


You do not want to be leaning over your ironing table and throwing your back out. Height is a key factor when selecting an ironing table. It is advised to get an ironing table that rises to your hip. Most standing ironing tables have a height between 90 cm and 102cm. Pick one that you feel comfortable with, with regards to height.  


Most of us never have enough space in our homes. A mobile ironing board can be stashed away out of sight or moved around to a suitable area when in use. For example, ironing can become somewhat bearable if you do it in front of the TV. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring the iron out to the TV lounge and then put it away from prying eyes once you are done? 


To enjoy maximum convenience, you should opt for a lightweight ironing table. This allows you to move it around with ease and put it away in storage whenever necessary.  


An ironing board needs to be sturdy. Since it houses an iron that can reach up to 450F, it is essential that it doesn’t tip over and has solid stability. In addition, it is advised to buy an ironing table with a sturdy base and solid legs to keep you from having any safety hazards at home.  

Usually, there are several people in the house, and they can be of different heights. Opting for an adjustable ironing board gives everyone the ability to press their clothes without breaking their backs. The fixed height tables are usually of a standard size that provides access to everyone, but getting an adjustable height ironing board solves any issues that may still be there.  

The Padding 

The board pad is one of the most easily overlooked aspects of the ironing board.  

An ironing board with holes can help the steam from the iron escape and not harm the material of the table itself. However, these vents have a distinct shape and can be imprinted on your clothes while ironing, so you need to ensure sufficient padding on the board top when buying an ironing board.  
You can get a wide variety of board tops, ranging from traditional tops to non-stick reflective surfaces, to enhance the ironing of your clothes. (Non-stick surfaces prevent your clothes from sticking onto the board, while the reflective property transfers heat back into the clothes). 


Getting an ironing board is an ergonomic choice An ironing board in your house is just as important as the iron itself. The next step is to go out there and get an ironing board you like and which offers proper functionality. 

When you absolutely can’t compromise on furniture value & quality, let help you find the right products for your aesthetics and budget. has a wide selection of ironing boards with different heights, weights, and sizes to help you find the perfect ironing board for your house. So visit Aosom and get the ideal ironing table for you.  

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