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Use Your End Tables for Extra Storage

8 Ways You Can Use End Tables for Extra Storage

We all know that end tables make a great place to keep your remotes, place your drinks and snacks while watching a movie, or hold a lamp. But if you’re a little more creative choosing your end tables, you could also increase your storage, organization and style. There are some very clever end table designs out there, and here is how to use them to put away common but hard to store items in nearly any room.

1. Magazine Storage

If you love reading magazines, you’ve probably got a pile of them lying around your living space. They can get out of control quickly, and that just looks messy. An end table with a built in magazine rack is a great way to store your magazines out of site, but still keep them close at hand.

2. Shelves, Drawers, and an Adjustable Top

Sometimes, your living space has to double as a study or workspace. Whether that’s a common thing or only an occasional problem, an end table that can store books and office supplies, and has an adjustable top you can raise to use it as a laptop or tablet stand is a space saving storage wonder! Get one on wheels, so it’s also easier to move around!

3. End Tables with Drawers

If you need to store a few things out of sight, there’s nothing as convenient as an end table with a drawer or drawers. Not only do they provide that bit of essential surface area, but they’re a great place to store remotes, spare batteries, the TV guide, your tablet or something else. There are lots of different styles of end tables with storage in the form of drawers. You could choose something classic in wood, a mid-century modern inspired design or something with more than one drawer!

4. Go Open and Add a Basket

Another great way to add an end table, combine it with storage and still get maximum style impact is to choose a design that is as open as possible, and then use the space under the end table for a basket for magazines, etc. You could even skip the storage and put a potted plant in the space underneath for a surprising pop of green in an unexpected place!

5. Basket Style

If you’re looking for a modern end table, and also need an end table with storage, then something that combines both is a great idea. Basket style end tables combine open style storage with a solid top that you can use as a table. They’re great for storing soft items like blankets or pillows if you use them in a living room that gets used for cozy movie nights!

6. Funky Shelving

There’s no denying that everyone can do with a little more shelving. However, if your home is more modern, it can be hard to find ways to incorporate traditional end tables with storage into that. A square end table that incorporates funky design and shelving is a great compromise. You can use it as open storage, but also add baskets or other storage vessels for items you’d like to hide!

7. Go Flip Top

If you’ve got a narrow space for an end table, and drawers won’t work, a flip top can give you the same goal: an end table with storage – without needing room for the drawer to open. These hinged designs are great for items you don’t use often but want to keep close by. They’re easy to use and surprisingly roomy!

8. All Drawers

Your end table doesn’t have to have shelves at all. In fact, if you need closed storage more than you need shelves, an end table that has more than one drawer is a great idea. It still looks clean and keeps everything tucked away, while offering a great surface for drinks, snacks, or lamps, and you have plenty of room to store everything.

Tips for Choosing End Tables with Storage

If you are planning to “kill two birds with one stone” and get an end table with storage, there are a few things you should consider.

First, think very carefully before you look for a round end table. Most won’t have any closed storage, and if they do, space will probably be limited by design restraints.

Think hard about glass end tables too. While glass looks great, it is see through, so any clutter you were hoping to tuck out of sight will still be on full display.

Consider how much you need to store. Getting a small end table that only holds a few things is only a good idea if you only have a few things to store! If you need to keep several items out of the way, a smaller end table is probably not the best idea. You can still choose a stylish end table – you will just need to scale up, up to the space the room allows – measure first!

The right end table for any space fits the purpose you need it for, and suits the design, style and feel of the room. If your space is modern and sleek, rustic wood end tables or farmhouse style end tables probably won’t work. If it’s full of wood and leather, chances are a sleek glass end table won’t suit the space.

An End Table for Everyone

The good news is that there are endless design options when it comes to end tables. If you need one that combines your design style with some storage for the items you need but don’t want on display, you can certainly find one. You can start at Take a little time, consider all your options, and don’t be afraid to experiment with design and color. It really can transform a space!

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