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Want a Bar Table for Your Home? Everything You Need to Know

Choosing a Bar Table

When choosing new décor for your home, having variety of choices is important. From size to shape, color to style, there are usually a multitude of different options no matter what type of furniture it is that you’re looking for. This can be great, as it helps you to see what’s out there before making your final decision. It can also be overwhelming, exhausting, and lead you to choosing something you don’t really like just to be done with the selection process — and no one can blame you!

Bar tables are a furniture category that also have a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. While it may seem simple enough to choose any old table, the truth is you want the right one for your space. This means doing your research and being informed on the best options for your needs, which is what this post is about. Here are a few different types of bar tables, to help you gauge which one might be right for you:

Types of Bar Tables

There are quite a few types of bar table to choose from here are a few of the most popular types:

Tall Bar Table

Tall bar tables are also known as high bar tables and can also be called high tops or pub height tables. These are the ones you’ll likely be the most familiar with; the type you’d normally find at a bar or a restaurant’s bar seating area. They typically stand between 40 and 42 inches high and are large enough for two people in most cases. They’re round and commonly made of wood or metal, though they can be made from heavy duty plastic as well. They don’t take up much in the way of floor space, and because the surface is higher than traditional tables, they can be great choices for those with limited space.

Rattan Bar Table

Rattan bar tables are typically longer and narrower than tall bar tables, though they’re not very much shorter in height. They’re designed to seat more than two people in most cases, though they are available in smaller sizes as well. Rattan bar tables are commonly found as outdoor furniture, whether this be at a public bar or in a private home. They can be constructed from any material but are mostly found in wicker, metal, and wood. Rattan tables are popular in places like resorts — where people tend to sit in groups and prefer to be outside in the warmer weather.

Modern Bar Table

Modern bar tables can come in any size, shape, or style, but with a modern twist. They’re often quite artistic or unique looking, and offer a refreshing take on the traditional bar table look. They can have features like angled bases, different shaped surfaces, and are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. People with a modern décor theme in their homes might gravitate toward a modern bar table, as it would be well placed in a modern home. However, modern bar tables can also blend well with contemporary or other themes of décor, as long as the right blend is found between the two styles.

Farmhouse Bar Table

A farmhouse bar table, or pub table, is a multi-seating bench-like table. It’s high and narrow, and supplies seating for large groups — sometimes up to twelve people. Farmhouse bar tables are popular in bars and restaurants, as they accommodate more people while taking up less space than multiple smaller tables would. They’re typically found in wood, but can also be metal, heavy-duty plastic, or other materials as well. It’s common to find larger groups of people seated at farmhouse bar tables, but they’re also shared by multiple, smaller groups. These are the more traditional, country-style tables, hence the name “farmhouse.”

Which Bar Table is Right for You?

So, which style of bar table is right for your home? Here are some recommendations based on the above information:

Tall Bar Table

If you’re limited on space, have a small family, or otherwise just like the style of the traditional bar table, the tall bar table could be for you. Thanks to their narrow base and the height of the surface, they’re great for compact kitchen spaces or dining nooks, and can be tucked away neatly in a corner of the room.

Rattan Bar Table

If you’re looking for a longer, narrower bar table, have an outdoor space to decorate, or enjoy entertaining groups of people, you might like the rattan bar table. Thanks to their shape they can be placed easily indoors or out, they seat multiple people (with the exception of the smaller models), and they’re available in several materials based on your decorative taste.

Modern Bar Table

If modern is the theme of your home or you simply like having one or two modern pieces in the house, a modern bar table could be your best bet. The great thing about these is the uniqueness of their design, and there’s plenty of styles to choose from. They’re available in a variety of materials, colors and styles, and are a great way to liven up your kitchen or dining space with something that stands out.

Farmhouse Bar Table

If you’ve got an outdoor space that you’re looking to fill, an abundance of indoor space, a big family, or if you love to entertain, a farmhouse bar table could be perfect for you. Their long, narrow shape takes up less space than you might think, and they’re great for seating groups of people. Their traditional, country style gives a relaxed, homey vibe, which is a great option for homes with a contemporary or farm-style theme.

Tips for Selecting Your Bar Table

  1. Be sure to measure your space and the bar table you’re thinking about purchasing.
  2. Consider the number of seats you’ll need when choosing your bar table.
  3. Be aware that many bar tables don’t come with stools or chairs and plan accordingly.
  4. Try to find a sturdy construction for a reliable bar table that will last you a long time.


If you’ve been unsure which bar table will best suit your home and lifestyle, hopefully this post has helped you along in your decision-making. Shopping for home décor can be an overwhelming experience with all the choices out there, but it doesn’t have to be!

Considering what you’ve learned today, you’ll hopefully be a little closer to figuring out which bar table you want in your home. Which one will you choose?

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