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Looking for a Bar Table? Here’s your Best Buying Guide

Buying a Bar Table

If you’re taking on a home décor project and are in the market for a table to go with your new theme, a bar table could be great for your space. They’re trendy, take up less space than some traditional tables might, and will look great in your kitchen, dining area or garden.

But with all the types of bar table available on the market, which type suits your home and lifestyle the best? No worries, this guide has you covered. We’ll discuss some of the ways a bar table can help your space look great, as well as which type might best suit your needs.

Types of Bar Table Based on Your Needs

Tall Bar Table

Tall bar tables are great for that classic bar look. They also help to save you space with their narrow bases and high surfaces, while contributing a relaxed, comforting vibe to your home. They typically stand between 40 and 42 inches, can be constructed from wood, metal, or other materials, and are available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. If you’re a small family looking for a way to save floor space while adding to the aesthetic of your home, a tall bar table could be a great option for you.

Rattan Bar Table

Rattan bar tables are typically used for outdoor purposes, but this isn’t always true. They’re popular at resorts and bars with outdoor seating areas due to their ability to seat groups of people, and can be found in wicker, wood, metal, or other materials. Their narrow, long shape is good for areas with similar dimensions, but they look great in more open spaces, too. If you’re looking for a bar table that can accommodate groups of people, want a great seating area for your yard, or otherwise enjoy this long, narrow style of bar table, a rattan bar table could be great for you.

Modern Bar Table

Modern bar tables are uniquely designed to stand out, and they do this marvelously. They can be part of a collection of modern pieces, fit well into a modern theme, or simply stand alone as an eye-catching piece in your home. The great thing about modern bar tables is they come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors, and they can be constructed of pretty much any material. They serve as a seating area but can also double as a piece of art, depending on your unique taste. If you’re in the market for a table that draws attention to itself, a modern bar table might be just what you need.

Farmhouse Bar Table

Farmhouse bar tables are traditionally designed, multiple seat bench-style tables. They typically have room for large groups and can sometimes seat up to twelve people at a time. They bring a homey, relaxed, farm-style vibe into your home, and are a good option for large families or people who love to entertain. Farmhouse bar tables are traditionally crafted from thick, sturdy wood, but can be found in metal, plastic, and other materials as well. If you’re looking for a country-style table that seats plenty of people and will stand up to the test of time, a farmhouse bar table could be your best bet.

Situations Where Your Bar Table Could Come in Handy

Tall Bar Table

If you’re lacking in the space department, have a small family, or just want a place to sit that doesn’t take up too much room, a tall bar table will be great for you. The classic bar look brings a fun, relaxed vibe; the perfect place to grab a quick lunch or sit and enjoy your morning coffee.

Rattan Bar Table

If you entertain outdoors (or indoors), love narrow, long tables, or want a bar table that comes in a variety of materials, a rattan bar table would be great for you. The resort-style feel they bring helps provide a relaxed, social vibe, and they’re great for outdoor barbecues, picnic lunches, or just having a comfy seating area to help you enjoy the outdoors.

Modern Bar Table

If you’re looking for a bar table to jazz up your home, have a modern décor theme, or just like artistic pieces that stand out, try a modern bar table. It’ll look great as a standalone piece or part of a theme, and you’ll love the fact that it has such a unique design. Enjoy your morning coffee or any of your daily meals while you marvel at your artistic bar table!

Farmhouse Bar Table

If you have a large family or frequently entertain, a farmhouse bar table will be a great addition to your home or outdoor space. You’ll love the relaxed country vibe that comes with the sturdy wood construction, Enjoy family meals, drinks with friends, or simply sprawling out alone; when you have this much space the possibilities are endless!

Tips for Selecting Your Bar Table

  1. Be sure to measure your space and the table you’re considering purchasing
  2. Try to choose sturdy construction and high-quality materials when possible
  3. Consider the number of seats you’ll need
  4. Be aware that you may have to purchase chairs separately


If you’ve been unsure about which type of bar table is right for you, hopefully this guide has helped. Now that you know each type and the situations they’re suited for, you can start shopping!

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