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Buying Guide for Quality File Cabinets

Quality File Cabinets 

Office storage is an important aspect of your work — regardless of whether we’re talking about a home office you use from time to time, a fully remote work situation, or supporting a corporate office. Luckily, there are plenty of choices for storing your paper documents — and filing cabinets are the most obvious one. 

A good filing cabinet is made from sturdy materials, it can fit into any aesthetic, and it isn’t too bulky for your office. And of course, it helps you organize and store everything from stationery supplies to paperwork and similar office equipment.  

However, filing cabinets are more varied than you might think. They come in all kinds of styles, shapes, and sizes — and depending on which model you get, you may also have access to handy additional features.  

So, considering all of that — how can you find the best quality file cabinet in such a wide and open market? Don’t worry, as we’ve prepared a detailed file cabinet buying guide. We’ll walk you through all of the aspects of a file cabinet you need to consider before deciding which one you’ll buy.  


As you’ll see when we get into more detail on our file cabinets below, there are plenty of optional features — or some things that depend on your personal taste for office furniture. However, there’s one thing you absolutely can’t compromise on, and that’s size. 

Let’s face it — if you don’t have enough space for the cabinets that you want, you simply won’t be able to get them. That’s why this should be the first characteristic you consider before making a purchase. Measure the free space you have available in your office, and then look for file cabinets that fit the bill.  

For instance, this 3-drawer rolling file cabinet offers more varied storage space because its bottom drawer is incredibly deep — but this 5-drawer storage organizer takes up less square footage.  


There are other aspects of a filing cabinet’s design that you should consider before buying it for your home office or company. And regardless of which one you’re getting, you want to be sure that it’s made from long-lasting materials. 

One of the two most popular materials for filing cabinets is metal. And it’s no wonder why these are so popular — metal filing cabinets are some of the most cost-effective file storage solutions you can find. On the one hand, they’re generally cheaper, but on the other, they’re quite durable. 

The only problem is their aesthetic appearance — while they frequently come in white, black, beige, and grey finishes, they’re known to clash with offices that weren’t decorated in a contemporary style.  

Wood filing cabinets are also a popular option, especially for home offices decorated in a more rustic decor. A wood filing cabinet generally comes with a metal interior, and a front that’s either wood-looking laminate or (in the case of more expensive models) actual wood. Plus, there are plenty of different aesthetic options, some of which even fit into a more contemporary office. This Cappuccino-colored 3-drawer cabinet is a perfect example of that. 

You can choose from a variety of natural wood finishes, such as pine, maple, cherry, and oak. And there are also more industrial aesthetics, like this reclaimed-wood 3-drawer model. When it comes to shape and size, these are varied as much as any other kind of filing cabinet. You can choose from small models that fit beneath a desk, as well as bigger standalone pieces.  

Locking Cabinets

Ideally, one of your office cabinets would also be well-equipped for the storing of more secure items — such as confidential and sensitive data, or pieces of expensive equipment. That’s why many offices use locking file cabinets. Their lock styles vary depending on the design — for instance, the most basic models have a simple key lock. Most of those have individual locks on drawers — while more expensive filing cabinets have a combination or an electronic lock. 

Before buying a file cabinet with a locking mechanism, just make sure that you actually need one. These are far more expensive than the average cabinet, but the reality is that it’s not a worthwhile investment for everyone. If you’re not going to store confidential documentation there, a minimalist 5-drawer organizer will do just fine. 

Durability & Scratch Resistance

While a file cabinet isn’t necessarily the biggest investment you’ll make while decorating your home office or corporate space — you still don’t want to waste any money. And that’s why you should get a file cabinet that’s guaranteed to keep your documents secure and safe for years to come.  

With that in mind, consider springing for a cabinet with a scratch-resistant surface. That way, you won’t have to worry about the cabinet looking shabby after a couple of years of use. And if you’re not sure which surfaces are scratch resistant, remember that these usually have a textured, rough casing. This rustic reclaimed-wood 3-drawer cabinet is a great example — while it was expertly designed, it’s a bit coarse to the touch. And that kind of surface isn’t easily scratched.  

Ease of Use & Safety 

While choosing file cabinets, you should also make sure that you’ve considered some of the smaller, but still important features you want. For instance, some file cabinet models have built-in anti-tilt mechanisms. Those are especially useful when it comes to vertical, thinner models that can be easily knocked over accidentally.  

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are more than a few features that a decent file cabinet has to have. Don’t worry, though — as long as a cabinet checks most of these boxes, it will be a great choice for your office or home. Plus, there are quite a few models to choose from out there — especially on!  

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