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Inflatable Halloween Decorations Buying Guide

Inflatables have long been a favorite type of decoration for Halloween lovers. Not only are they lightweight and easy to store in the off-season, but they bring an atmosphere of fun spookiness or silliness that compliments the season perfectly. They’re also very affordable. Whether you favor scary skeletons or cute pumpkins, get ready to have the best-looking house on the block. 

Important features 

  • LED lights 
  • Self-inflating mechanisms 
  • Continually re-inflating fans 
  • Ease of set-up 
  • Materials to secure inflatable 
  • Waterproof, durable materials 

What are inflatable Halloween decorations? 

While there are a wide variety of Halloween decoration types, inflatables are among the most popular. As the name implies, they are decorations whose shape is defined by air that is either trapped in or being continuously blown into a shaped fabric. They usually consist of polyester or a similar material that is weather resistant and durable. 

Inflatable decorations commonly feature an internal glowing mechanism to stand out at night, usually provided by an LED light bulb. Larger inflatables sometimes feature multiple bulbs. 

Lighten up, it’s Halloween! 

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HOMCOM 5.9ft Halloween Inflatable Ghost with Pumpkin LED Lighted for Decoration Party

Nobody wants Halloween decorations that are invisible at night. Luckily, lots of inflatables have internal LED lights that fill out their interiors with a glow that corresponds to the bulb or fabric’s color. Simpler designs often have one single bulb, but more elaborate products have a series of them. Before you make your purchase, check to see if the online listing provides a photo of the product lit at night. When deciding where your decoration should be place, be sure to choose a place that’s within reach of a power source. 

This spooky ghost and gravestone inflatable comes with a variety of inner LED lights that are sure to stand out in your yard. For more variation in color, check out this ghost holding a pumpkin. His green inner glow is a unique feature that you likely won’t see in any of your neighbor’s yards. 

Spooky or silly, there’s a decoration for you 

HomCom 7ft Tall Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Reaper Light Up Yard Decoration with LED Lights and Fan
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Different people like different Halloween aesthetics, but there are two directions that decorations tend to go: scary and cute. Both options are valid, but you’ll have to choose your products according to your preference. 

If you have young kids or just generally prefer to smile rather than scream on Halloween, you may want to choose cute decorations. You can feature all the iconic imagery that makes Halloween so distinct while not giving anyone a nightmare. Sometimes it’s as simple as choosing characters that look happy. Here is a great inflatable that consists of a tree, an owl, a ghost, and some pumpkins, all of which look delighted and are sure to make you happy. 

On the other hand, not everyone wants Halloween to be cute. It’s the season to be scary! What good is a holiday centered on spooky celebration if it isn’t actually scary? If this is you, you’ll be happy to know there are many inflatables which are sure to inspire dread in the viewer. We recommend this pumpkin-headed reaper inflatable, who looks like he’s on the prowl to commit some evil deeds. No happy smiles to be found here.  

Spend as little or as much as you’d like 

HOMCOM 8ft  LED Outdoor Halloween Inflatable Decoration - Dead Tree with Ghost on Top Pumpkins on Bottom
HOMCOM 5.1ft Halloween Inflatable Ghosts Tombstone LED Lighted for Decoration Party

It’s always tempting to get carried away when making fun purchases like Halloween decorations, but it’s important to be realistic about your budget. The good news is that even if you only have a little money to spend, you can still get a great inflatable. 

Sometimes, less is more. A simple design can save you some cash but still stand out as a fantastic Halloween decoration. Often you’ll be looking at smaller inflatables, but that isn’t always the case. For less than $50, you can purchase this inflatable that features a headstone and two ghosts. It may not be the flashiest item on the list, but it evokes the feeling of Halloween beautifully. 

On the other hand, if you’re working with a bigger budget, your options certainly open a lot more. More expensive inflatables are often larger, feature more Halloween imagery, and have more elaborate designs. Some also come with extra LED lighting. This 8’ tall tree features gnarly limbs, three pumpkins, a ghost, and a spider accessory. It may cost a little more than others, but it’s certain to turn the heads of lots of trick-or-treaters. 

Big or small, you can have it all 

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HOMCOM 4.1ft Halloween Inflatable Cat LED Lighted for Indoor Outdoor Decoration, Black

Bigger is always better right? Well, not necessarily. Choosing the right size inflatable is based on a number of factors, namely budget and space. However, size doesn’t always correspond to price, so your biggest consideration is going to be space. A small porch can’t accommodate some of the largest inflatables, and you don’t want to make a purchase only to find out its too tall or wide. 

If you’re working with a small space like a porch or room indoors, a little goes a long way. What may not look huge in the middle of a wide-open yard will look much larger in a more confined area. Something too large will be overbearing and cumbersome, even if it does fit. This cute cat with a skull collar inflatable is a great choice for those limited by space. At only 4’ tall, it will fit in most places without issue. 

You might be planning to put something in the middle of a big yard, on your roof, or your large porch. In that case, why not go big? Bigger inflatables will attract more attention, have more detailed designs, and frequently feature multiple LED lights. This creepy, 9’ tall pumpkin ghost is sure to be an imposing presence for trick-or-treaters. His reptilian face and claws are sure to strike fear in the hearts of anyone passing by, and he’ll look down on everyone. 


Regardless of what you choose, you’re sure to have a spookier and more festive Halloween with new inflatable decorations from Aosom! Hopefully this buying guide has helped you figure out what you want from your decorations and narrow down the many options.  

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