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The ultimate guide to buying end tables

End tables are must-haves in any flat, even for minimalists. The functionality and convenience they add to your seating arrangement will be instantly appreciated. There’s a reason why you see end tables used in so many different seating configurations.  

If you are changing your home décor or thinking of adding small pieces to rejuvenate it, consider end tables as an essential part of your design.  

While there is a multitude of options on the market regarding the size, design, and material, they all serve the same functions. However, some models accentuate use cases. So, let’s categorize them and discover what is best for you.  

Different types of end tables  

Different types of end tables come in a variety that suit different home furniture styles. Whether you prefer modern, classic, or a middle between both, you can find an end table of any type that fits your style. Even if you prefer unique styles such as boho-inspired home furniture, end tables will add a lot to the overall feeling and mood of your space.  

End tables have five types according to the design. These are:  

C-shaped end tables 

“C” end tables take the shape of the letter “C”. They can fit over any chair or sofa or even your bed. The top of the table nestles above your sofa or bed to save space, carry drinks, or your laptop. 

Nesting end tables 

Nesting end tables are two or more tables with different sizes, that nest with one fitting underneath to save space, together in a group. So, the largest of them is the top one and the smaller goes underneath, and so on.  

Storage/end tables with drawers  

Featuring a drawer or a shelf, these end tables are the best option for small spaces and that need to hide little items within. If you always lose your keys, remotes, and other daily essentials, these end tables are your to-go option.  

Chairside end tables  

Chairside end tables are perfect for a living room with an L-shaped sofa or a recliner chair. Also, they can replace the coffee corner table if you don’t have space for it.  

Round end tables  

Round end tables look good wherever they are placed. Find them in modern, contemporary, rustic, or boho style. You will be pleased with the various options for round-end tables.  

Main features of C-shaped end tables  

C-shaped end tables are very common among modern and contemporary furniture styles. They are both practical and aesthetically attractive. Furthermore, there is a new upgrade of the “C” tables which takes the shape of the letter “S”. So, there is the tabletop and two more shelves.  

As for the material, mostly you will find them in metal. You can find all-in-metal “C” tables or metal frames with tempered glass tops. Also, you can mix colors such as silver arms with a brown wooden top and so on.  

Some of the “C” end tables advantages include:  

  • Don’t take too much space.  
  • Can function as snack tables or just a piece of decoration  
  • Come in many styles to suit different accents.  

Hence, if you are short on space and need a functional table, “C” end tables will serve the best. Also, consider the movable ones with wheels to easily transport them from one room to the other.  

Main features of nesting end tables  

Similar to “C” end tables, nesting tables also don’t consume much space. However, they are more practical in case you are inviting people to your home and need to place drinks in front of each person. Nesting end tables have many design options to choose from. There are square, round, and irregular-shaped tables. Also, they come in sets of three in most cases.  

The best thing about nesting tables is that they suit all styles. For traditional furniture style, there are wooden nesting end tables with ornate details. Whereas contemporary addicts can find metal nesting tables with minimum decoration. Furthermore, color options are open to even get each table with a different color for a unique style.  

People prefer nesting end tables for the following:  

  • Saving space by nesting 
  • Good for large families or gatherings  
  • Suit any decoration style  

Whether you want tables to place decorative items on or serving tables, nesting end tables can do both things. You can place them layered as décor or you can use each of them in a different place in the room.  

Main features of storage end tables 

A handy solution for those who want a storage space that is more inconspicuous. Storage end tables come with a drawer or shelving where you can store anything that fits. They are usually compact but very helpful in organizing and storing items. 

More often, you will find these tables in wood material. This is because wood allows for versatility in design. So, you can get end tables with drawers, shelves, or both. Furthermore, the color and size are up to.  

Advantages of these end tables include: 

  • Extra storage space  
  • Have many designs and color options  
  • Can be part of the any room furniture  

If you are a person or a family with many belongings, this is what we recommend. Also, if you have kids who like to leave a mess, storage end tables will solve part a of your problems.  

Main features of chairside end tables  

As it appears from the name, chairside end tables fit on the side of a chair. However, they are not “C” end tables that hover over the chair arms. Instead, they lie next to the chair or sofa where you may place your books, drink, or TV remote. Chairside end tables are sometimes referred to as nightstands. Whatever you call them, they will serve the same functions either by a bed or chair.  

Those nightstands or chairside tables can come in wooden or metal materials. Your choice of the material is often determined by the materials of other furniture in your room. Moreover, there are options with a wooden top and metal base. These look so good in classic modern flats, apartments and dorms.  

Chairside tables are good for the following reasons:  

  • Suitable for minimalist designs 
  • Can have drawers or shelves for storage 
  • Used as décor or a serving table  

If you have an armchair or a sofa, you would better get a chairside end table to add an accent to the piece. Similarly, chairside end tables are very handy with a recliner chair where you can place a lamp for more relaxation.  

Main features of round end tables  

For a sleek soft design, get a round end table. Round end tables come in various sizes and heights as well. Moreover, there are options with shelves or drawers according to your needs. Depending on the environment and material, round end tables can serve you outdoors, as well as indoors.  

For most options, the top is glass whereas the base is metal. Furthermore, you can get a hollow metal table with x-shaped legs or a cylindrical-shaped end table. Alternatively, rattan and wicker are common materials for outdoor round-end tables.  

Some of the round end table advantages are:  

  • Soften the overall look of the room  
  • Option for indoors and outdoors  
  • Have different heights and diameters  

Round end tables can look  great in the middle of the room with a patterned carpet underneath. Also, they can serve as a nightstand, or next to the door where you can place your keys. 

 After you have read all this information and discovered what is best for you, you can now better make a buying decision. Keep function and purpose of a certain piece as the motivator for your decision and then tailor your material and color choice to fit the overall design of the room. 

You can check our selection of end tables from all the different types and for all styles. 

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