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4 Benefits of Getting Outdoor Toys for Your Kids

In today’s generation, children opt to stay inside and be on their tablets watching different videos on YouTube. While this may be beneficial to parents because their kids are steady and focused in one place, it may not always be for children’s greater good.  

Gone are the days where children would get dirty, make friends, and play outside. There is no denying that playing outdoors led to accidents such as falling and getting hurt. Indeed, those were the days that shaped children to be more socially competent, physically active, and appreciative towards the company of others. 

As young as they are, we must instill the importance of being social and physically active in our children’s mindset. One way to do this is to provide them with the proper instruments to encourage them to develop the type of habits that will be their source of foundation in the future.  

Outdoor toys are key to encouraging children to spend more time in the sunlight. Aside from it being fun and exciting for kids, outdoor toys give more than just giggles and laughs. Gaining a little sunshine from the outdoors with the help of these outdoor toys make a difference indeed. If you’re ever curious about why you should purchase outdoor toys for your little ones, here are 4 benefits of getting your children outdoor toys.  

It enhances your child’s creativity  

Creativity and kids go hand in hand together. Being giddy and young, there is no doubt that children are still in their creative and imaginative bubble. However, as they grow a little older, their imaginative and creative mind may fade out a lot faster than they should, especially when their creativity isn’t practiced. Outdoor toys help children be more imaginative in their playing sessions because these simple toys make their minds work in different ways, such as make believe and role play. 

Improves the motor skills of children 

Being able to run around the garden, climb up and down, swing from left to right, and do all sorts of crazy things with their outdoor toys. These physical activities improve a child’s motor skills enhancing their strength, balance, endurance, and hand-to-eye coordination. Overall, they become more physically capable. Their exposure to sunlight also provides immune function. 

Playing with outdoor toys unconsciously induces a full-body workout for kids since it provides numerous health benefits. It also reduces the high risk of obesity and can help children become more physically fit. Their active physical lifestyle also assists brain activity. It improves blood circulation to the brain. This means that it transports oxygen, glucose, and water to the brain faster than inactive children. These physical developments thrive through being able to play outside with toys that will help them in the future as they go through life. 

It promotes a healthy childhood 

Outdoor toys not only promote a healthy childhood physically but also mentally and emotionally. Children can enjoy the sun and stretch their bones, all the while being sociable with their peers. They learn how to make new friendships and how to nurture these developed friendships. Having disagreements and fights with their fellow peers is inevitable, but, it is all part of childhood after all. Experiencing these circumstances mold them to know more about problem-solving and compromise.  

Develops an appreciation for the environment 

As children spend more time outdoors, they learn to appreciate the outside world more. A study shows that about 87% of children who spend most of their time outdoors tend to develop a love of nature as they grow up. Around 84% of the same people claim that the environment remains one of their important priorities. Kids who play with their outdoor toys tend to see the beauty of the world: the trees, plants, different kinds of insects, and animals. Being able to catch sight of the works of the earth, children develop knowledge and a sense of appreciation and awareness.  

How to Pick the Best Outdoor Toys 

Numerous kinds of outdoor toys flood the market today, and it is crucial to choose the best to get your money’s worth and, of course, to make sure your kids enjoy every bit of the toy. When it comes to choosing the best outdoor toy, numerous factors should be considered.  

First, you must consider the age of the child. Depending on the age, a child’s preference may differ greatly. For kids under the ages of 3-5, you may opt for outdoor toys that ensure their safety since that age requires more supervision and attention. Cute and simple outdoor toys like outdoor tunnels from Aosom are perfect for that age range.  

For 5 years old and above, outdoor toys that give more physical activity to kids would be best. Outdoors toys like a spinning seesaw would be ideal for kids that are full of energy  

The second thing to consider is the size of your yard or wherever the outdoor toy will be situated. It’s important to make sure that the outdoor playset you will buy fits easily in the yard and will give children more room to play around.  

If you have ample space for a big outdoor toy, opt for outdoor toys that take up a lot of space, such as swings or slides. This will truly make a kid’s fun childhood.  

For smaller spaces, you may go for small and cute outdoor toys like sandboxes where a kid can enhance his creative mind. 

Selection Tips:  

  • Decide on your preferred budget. Make sure that you purchase the product that best fits your budget.  
  • Measure the size of the outdoor toy you want to buy to ensure that it is not too big or too small for your yard or wherever it’s going to be placed.  
  • Consult your kid on which kind of outdoor toy would help the best to pique their interest.  
  • Decide on what type of atmosphere you want your child to have from the outdoor toy to be purchased.  

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